is TransWorld Business’ Online Retailer of the Year - SNEWS is TransWorld Business’ Online Retailer of the Year

TransWorld Business names Online Retailer of the Year.

PARK CITY, UTAH– For the second consecutive year, owes big thanks and a round of beers to the people of the action sports industry who made their case to TransWorld Business magazine that the online board shop deserves a nod.
In its January 2011 issue, TransWorld Business announced the winners of its Industry & Retail Awards, and, for the second year in a row, has been honored with the title of "2010 Online Retailer of the Year." In the selection process, hundreds of sales reps, retailers, and industry insiders weighed in on the retail partners that did the most in 2010 to help support their company's growth, goals, and continued success. As it turns out, they like

“In the interview for this announcement, TransWorld Business asked me why I thought our brand partners nominated us for this award,” said Karen Craig, Director of Merchandising at “That's like being a middle-aged woman and asking someone to guess your age! I can say that our vendor partners are extremely important to us and we work really hard to develop strong, productive business relationships with them. We are so honored that they are telling us, through this award and through their continued loyalty, that we are doing something right.”

Established in 2009, the TransWorld Business Industry & Retail Awards were created to honor the core players who are doing the most to support the action sports industry by creatively building demand, creating amazing products, and growing a foundation for the future of the category.

The winners were selected using the results of a 40-day survey conducted in two parts: VIP and People's Choice. VIP votes were by invite only to key industry executives and shop owners and weighed in at 70 percent of the final results. The People's Choice nominations were conducted on and were weighted at 30 percent. Think of it as the Electoral College and the popular vote. And, just like our nation's elections, the votes were rigorously patrolled to ensure only one ballot was cast per person. Each category received hundreds of votes.

“This award means a lot to us, especially since we are fortunate to share our common, life-long passions with our vendors and customers,” said Craig. “This isn't a job; it's a lifestyle.”