Deuter USA taps Pale Morning Media for mainstream PR outreach

Deuter ( has retained Pale Morning Media for mainstream and mass-market public relations outreach, with a primary focus on media outlets in New York City.

LONGMONT, COLORADO (AUGUST 27, 2012) – Deuter ( has retained Pale Morning Media for mainstream and mass-market public relations outreach, with a primary focus on media outlets in New York City.

Founded in 1898, Deuter’s award-winning pack line ranges from core innovations in outdoor, biking and skiing to a broad assortment of travel, family and lifestyle systems. Deuter is the established leader in back-panel ventilation for packs, creating progressive designs which can lower perspiration by up to 25% -- increasing both comfort and performance on the trail.

Pale Morning Media’s efforts for Deuter will be focused on mainstream audiences, while outreach in the core outdoor space will remain with The Walton Works, a specialty agency based in Boise, Idaho.

“Thanks to strong core public relations efforts currently, Deuter is extremely well-known in the outdoor market. Our goal with Pale Morning Media is to build on that foundation, to reach new audiences in the broader national marketplace, and to stay true to our long heritage of performance and innovation,” said Christian Mason, director of sales and marketing for Deuter USA.

Deuter’s current product categories include Aircomfort and Aircontact packs for backpacking and trekking; SL (“slim line”) women’s fit packs created by an all-female design team; Bike Systems for both short-ride hydration and long-haul adventure cycling; Lite Systems for fast endurance activities; Alpine Systems for the most demanding four-season conditions; Family Systems for toddlers through teens; and new Quantum Travel Packs for virtually any voyage.

“Deuter lives in an incredible sweet spot of inspiration and real-world affordability,” said Drew Simmons, president and founder of Pale Morning Media. “Working with Deuter gives Pale Morning Media the opportunity to promote excellent and innovative designs while also promoting the sport of backpacking in all its various forms.”

Pale Morning Media ( is an independent consulting agency that drives sales by increasing the quality and quantity of brand visibility. Founded in fall 2001, Pale Morning Media has offices in Vermont and Maine, and supports a growing roster of brands in a diverse array of outdoor and lifestyle markets.

Pale Morning Media’s close proximity to New York City enables the agency to have a frequent, consistent presence in front of mainstream media outlets, with an average of one agency event per month. It also lowers the cost of trips, raises the return on investment, and enhances the timeliness of public relations tactics.

“The opportunity for Pale Morning Media has always been about bringing a Western PR approach to an Eastern location,” added Simmons. “We’re close to New York City, we speak to both core outdoor culture and mainstream needs, and we truly enjoy what we do. It’s great to have Deuter become a part of our family here.”

About Deuter: Deuter Sport GmbH of Gersthofen, Germany, celebrated its 110th year in 2008 and is one of the leading international technical pack brands. Deuter’s major focus is on the development and sales of innovative, high quality and multi-use packs. Deuter’s current strength in pack innovation is the ventilated Aircomfort back system they have developed and refined over the last 24 years, as well as their complete line of child carriers. Since establishing a subsidiary in Longmont, Colorado, in 2001, Deuter has made a significant impact in the U.S. market. Deuter USA, Inc. has over 600 specialty accounts and has been recognized by its retailers as one of the top backpack brands in the industry. Deuter’s ACT Zero 50+15 backpack is the recipient of the Outside Magazine 2011”Gear of the Year” Award. For more information, please visit