coldblack intergrated into the top brands for cycling and tri apparel

When the sun shines, thousands of cyclists pedal for all they are worth whilewearing apparel with coldblack® . coldblack® offers heat maagement and provides reliable protection from UV rays.

coldblack® increasingly popular among cyclists
Top brands for cycling and triathlon wear are integrating the modern sun protection

Seattle, September 2011: When the sun shines, thousands of enthusiastic cyclists take to their bikes and pedaling for all they are worth. Whether in the city or the mountains, more and more riders are wearing apparel with coldblack® from Schoeller. coldblack® offers heat management and provides reliable protection from UV rays. This double sun protection has convinced leading manufacturers of cycle, running and triathlon apparel such as Blueseventy, Descente, De Soto, Endura, Epix Gear, Gore Bike Wear, Pegasus Performance, Hincapie, Louis Garneau, Pearl Izumi, Roeckl, Running Room, Skinfit, SLS3 and Thoni Mara to present clothing with coldblack®.

The coldblack® technology reduces the absorption of heat rays and therefore tangibly improves heat management. In practice, this means that the user perspires less and therefore loses less liquids and vital minerals (e.g. magnesium, potassium, iron). A fluid loss of 2% of body weight due to perspiration reduces performance capacity by up to 20% and therefore, stamina and concentration slump. Those who perspire less feel better and remain fit for longer. Professionals such as Peal Izumi athlete Paul Ambrose confirm this: "My Pearl Izumi P.R.O. kit helps to prevent overheating during a race. I can concentrate completely on getting ahead as quickly as possible."

Effective heat management
Light colored garments reflect the sun's rays and therefore absorb less heat. In contrast, dark fabrics normally absorb the rays and heat up. The coldblack® technology reduces the absorption of sunlight; consequently, dark colors, in particular, heat up less. The result is tangibly better heat management as fabrics with coldblack® remain significantly cooler than the same material without the finish.

Reliable protection from UV rays
Many fabrics worn in the summertime offer poor protection from damaging UV rays. Without effective UPF protection (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), the danger of sunburn or long-term skin damage increases. The coldblack® technology guarantees a minimum UPF 30 protection without affecting the look or feel of the product. As a result, textiles with coldblack® can make an effective contribution to protecting against harmful UV rays.

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