Schoeller's newest innovation energear means greater well being

energear from Schoeller harnesses Far Infrared Rays and ensures that energy radiated by the body is recovered and radiated back to the wearer. This additional energy positively affects performance capacity and wellbeing.

More energy, increased performance capacity, greater wellbeing

July 2010: energearTM is the latest Schoeller technology with a mineral matrix tailored to the fabric. Based on ancient knowledge about the capacity of certain minerals to radiate Far Infrared Rays, energearTM ensures that the energy radiated by the body is recovered and radiated back to the wearer. This additional energy positively affects performance capacity and wellbeing; whether you are trekking in the mountains, hard at work or out and about in the city.

“Early in the morning, still half asleep, I pulled on the energearTM jacket. I was immediately embraced by a pleasant feeling and even before I set out for my usual running trail I was wide awake and full of energy,” reports the practiced mountain runner Alan Miller, still evidently delighted with the new Schoeller technology. He is not the only one fascinated by the positive effects of the energearTM fabric. Numerous other testers report that their pulse rates remain lower during strenuous activity and their performance is tangibly improved.

Increased oxygen levels in the blood

energearTM is the entirely new fabric generation from Schoeller Textil AG, using biomimicry. With energearTM, a special mineral matrix integrated into the fabric ensures that the body’s Far Infrared Rays (FIRs) reflect back to the wearer. The reflection of the FIRs promotes blood circulation and increased oxygen levels in the blood. This additional energy has many positive effects on the body, such as performance enhancement and prevention of premature fatigue, as well as improved regeneration. In addition, shorter warm-up phases are sufficient and overall there is an increase in concentration and wellbeing. In testing, people in an active aerobic phase displayed an increase of air intake with a lower pulse rate thanks to energearTM, resulting in enhanced performance and lower lactic acid buildup.Such fabric features as breathability, weather protection and elasticity are retained.

From alpine sports to urban living

The energearTM technology can be combined with various schoeller® fabric qualities, with such functions as elasticity, weatherproofing or moisture management.It is available as schoeller®-WB-400 in soft-shell jacket weights or as a schoeller®-WB-formula with even greater wind and weather protection, as well as in light schoeller®-dynamic pants weights or as super-comfortable schoeller®-dryskin fabric for pants and jackets. The application options and areas of use for energearTM fabrics are similarly diverse; from clothing for biking and mountain sports to trekking and hiking, for motorcycling, skiing and winter sports and in work wear and military wear as well as city wear and street wear.

Far Infrared Rays (FIRs):

Far Infrared Rays are a component of infrared rays. The sun, certain stones and minerals and living beings all radiate FIRs. Far Infrared Rays and their therapeutic properties have been studied and used in China and Japan for many years.

The human body also radiates FIRs. They have a number of positive effects on energetic processes in the human body. They are experienced as a pleasant, slight warmth and better circulation and as enhanced performance and general wellbeing.


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