Schoeller Technologies equips performance cycling and tri brands

Schoeller creates textile technologies that protect both humans and fabrics and can enhance performance. Companies as Endura, Gore Bike Wear, Hincapie, Louis Garneau, SLS Tri, Pegasus Performance, Mission Workshop present offerings at Interbike.

Bikers go Swiss Technologies:
Swiss high-tech influences leading brands
Schoeller Technologies equips cycle wear with even greater functionality

Seattle, September 2011: Anyone climbing a mountain pass on a bike intuitively appreciates the engineering skills of road builders. Today, engineering plays a major role in the textile industry. Schoeller, a Swiss company founded 1867, creates modern textile technologies that protect both humans and fabrics, and can enhance performance. Such companies as Endura, Epix Gear, Gore Bike Wear, Hincapie, Levis, Louis Garneau, Outlier, SLS Tri, Pegasus Performance, Mission Workshop, Pearl Izumi, Skinfit, SLS3, Swrve and Thunderbolt Sportswear are presenting cyclewear with coldblack® and NanoSphere®. Additionally, Schoeller is presenting a new innovation: energear™.

coldblack® - Sun Reflection + UV Protection
Heat management, sun protection, ease of care, durability, a good appearance and energy retrieval are some of the topics with which Schoeller engineers are continually occupied. The Swiss specialists developed a sun protection which reduces the absorption of heat rays, particularly in dark clothing with coldblack® The textiles heat up less when exposed to direct sunlight and offer at least UPF30 (protection from UV rays), meaning the cyclist remains cooler and is correspondingly capable of greater performance in direct sunlight.

Urban Cycling– a trend gathers speed
More and more people are using their bike to get to work. Cycling commuters are a rapidly growing community in the world's major cities. According to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, 14% more New Yorkers were using their bikes to get to work in spring 2011 than in the same season in the previous year. This calls for “multiwear” as, on the bike and in the meeting, professionals want to be comfortable all day and at the same time look impeccable. For this Schoeller Technologies has a solution: NanoSphere®, a water and dirt repelling finishing technology, which is already in use by such brands as Levi's, Outlier, Swrve and Thunderbolt. Erik Joule, Senior Vice President of Levi's Men's Merchandising & Design says: “The new LEVI'S® 511™ Commuter Skinny Jean and the Trucker jacket with NanoSphere® are the synthesis of innovation, classic American style and a personal passion for cycling – the aim was to design a product from cyclists for cyclists. We knew that urban cyclists across the country, among them some of our own designers, were already wearing our jeans. We listen to what they wanted and designed a product with functional features specially for cycling, but which also works great in everyday life. ”Thanks to NanoSphere®, the clothing remains dry, clean, attractive and functional for longer.

Just launched – energear ™ reflects the energy radiated back to the body

energear™ is a new textile printing process that Schoeller Technologies first presented in July 2011. eneregear™ is based on the well-known capacity of certain minerals to reflect Far Infrared Rays and thus return the energy radiated by the body back to it. Andrea Meier, nurse and successful bike racer (including 1st place Albstadt Bike Marathon 2010, 4th place Ultra Bike Marathon 2011) and member of the Speedzone Team, tested the first shirt with energear™ print, without knowing what she should be looking out for. Her conclusion: “I wore the test shirt during a 4-hour basic endurance interval training session. One thing I noticed: it was easier and quicker to warm up during the training sessions. I felt more powerful with the shirt. Sometimes I have difficulties during the warm phase, but it was really super with the shirt. During technique training on the mountain bike, I was able to cope well with the tricky stretches.” First energear™ shirts will be coming onto the market next spring.