Chums Releases Accessories From Poppy Gall Design Studio

Brand combines heritage with forward-looking design from Isis co-founder

HURRICANE, Utah – (July 30, 2010) - From Chums HQ in Hurricane (pronounced “Hurr-i-kin” for local credibility) to sunglass wearers the world over, Chums and the lovable Red-Footed Booby mascot have delivered accessories to help you hang on in the outdoors since '83. Chums will make the trip north to Salt Lake City to debut several exciting new products during Outdoor Retailer's Summer Market. Chums (with sun care brand Beyond Coastal) will exhibit in Booth 17019.

For 2011, Chums has teamed up with Isis co-founder Poppy Gall to develop a variety of fresh eyewear retainers, key chains, and clip bottle holders. Poppy Gall, owner and creative director of Poppy Gall Design Studio, is known for her keen sense of detail and melding contemporary patterns with traditional aesthetics. Look no further than the twelve Chums Neoprene Classic retainers redone in Poppy's “Peace sign,” “chain ring,” and wavy mountain scene for an example of Poppy's signature style.

Year after year, Chums actively brings retailers fresh and exciting pieces and updates to their trademark items. The company's heritage and partnership with outdoor retailers for over twenty years makes it one of the oldest in the market. Few other brands have seen an evolution as distinct as Chums; from a shoelace duct taped to a pair of sunglasses to the new Poppy Gall Design Studio's updates, Chums is in a position to engage an all-new set of consumers.

Poppy and Chums are a terrific combination as both were born from innovation and for addressing a void in the industry. Poppy is credited with helping bring women's outdoor apparel to the fore via Isis, the first women's-only outdoor clothing brand in the U.S. After 27 years, Chums is proud to still be offering the best, most diverse collection of accessories to core outdoors people in angling, lifestyle, hunting, hiking, climbing, and more, all while being 100 percent made in the USA. Suggested retail prices of the Poppy Gall-Chums collection will range from $4 - $6.99.

The Chums & Poppy Gall Design Studio's trim low profile neoprene retainer is a favorite of river runners and watermen. The lock stitched end slips over all frame paddles and can be slid up the temple for a tighter fit.

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