Isis co-founder, designer Poppy Gall launches her own design business

Leaving a company you co-founded and nurtured for nearly 11 years may not be easy. But Poppy Gall, formerly lead designer for Isis for Women, decided it was time for a change after 11 years and has launched a new design firm.
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Leaving a company you co-founded and nurtured for nearly 11 years may not be easy. But Poppy Gall, formerly lead designer for Isis for Women, decided it was time for a change after 11 years.

She has formerly announced the launch of her new design business and her entry into the blogosphere as a part of it.

“I felt as if I needed to be true to myself and do some other creative things,” Gall told SNEWS®. “I’d like to explore my own personal art.”

With the business announcement of a full-service design studio, Gall has come full circle. Before she co-founded Isis, she mostly did freelance design and color consultation.

“There comes a time when a change is good,” she said. “It was hard, but I’m excited about what the future will bring.”

For now, the future includes daily blogging at She said she expects to work mostly in the outdoor and snowsports worlds at first, since those are the markets she knows. But she eventually wants to move beyond that, perhaps dabbling in home goods or children’s apparel.

Her own experience won’t limit what her studio can take on. She said she has a group of designers she will also work with and manage projects that come in -- designers who have expertise in a variety of areas.

“I will pick and choose the projects I’m most comfortable doing,” she said.

Areas she’ll offer include trending and shopping.

The business concept began to gel before she left Isis formally in September. (Click here to see a SNEWS story, “Changing of the guard at Isis for Women.”)

“When I soul-searched, this is what I like,” she explained.

Her blog will discuss how she gets inspirations, for example from gardening, plants or quilting. “Gardening is a huge inspiration for me,” she said.

It’s been a successful road for the company she co-founded, and certainly, she has also evolved over the 11 years since it began.

“My style has evolved over the years,” she said, “as new construction methods became more sophisticated.” She said that allowed more opportunities to follow different design roads.

She can be contacted either through her website,; her blog; or by emailing

--Therese Iknoian

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