PORTLAND, Ore. -- After 18 months of research and development Bivo is prepared to release its first product, the flagship Bivo One. This stainless steel bike bottle features a gravity flow pour designed in conjunction with an ex-NASA engineer, allowing the water to flow as freely as—and more quickly than—a traditional plastic squeeze bottle. Stainless steel provides several benefits over plastic including better taste, easier-to-clean, and increased sustainability. The bottle is available for press order now and will retail for $39.00.

Pre-order the Bivo One.

Bivo was founded out of a desire to drink from less plastic. “When we came up with the idea of a metal cycling bottle, we did a deep dive into the bottle industry thinking there had to be a solution. After our research, we realized we discovered a hole in the market and we had to do something about it,” says Robby Ringer, who with his wife Carina Hamel founded the company.



“Bivo” is a combination of to drink in Latin and to live in Italian (with some serious creative liberty). The bottle’s “b” shaped nozzle and valve system, the components that allow for its superior flow rate, were designed around the brand’s logo. Both Hamel and Ringer have an extensive background in business and product consulting and knew from the outset that they wanted to create a product that was both sustainably sourced and gave back. To this end they decided that a portion of each sale would be set aside for the Bivo Fund, a fund that donates to nonprofits, and all of their carbon emissions would be offset by supporting projects that supply people in India with cleaner burning cook-stoves.

Though many of the features, like a universal cage fit, are designed with cyclists in mind, the Bivo One is equally suited for running, hiking, cross-country skiing, or any other endurance sport or active lifestyle.

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