American Hiking Society announces Families on Foot, its new national educational program to support family health and outdoor recreation.


Salt Lake City, UT. American Hiking Society seeks to reconnect families of all walks of life with nature and the environment through a new national educational initiative, Families on Foot. Families on Foot helps families along the path to healthier living and increases their connection with nature by expanding the amount of physical, outdoor activity they experience through hiking. 


The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that children spend roughly 7 hours a day in front of some sort of screen and the Food Action Resource Center reports that 32% of children and adolescents are overweight or obese. Hiking is a terrific way for families to spend time together, close to home on local trails. Family hiking is a fun, cost-effective outdoor activity that can improve individual health and well-being as well as family communications across all generations. Families on Foot works to provide a resource for families, advocate for physical outdoor activity, and make outdoor recreation an enhanced part of family life. There are more than 49 million Americans who hike and American Hiking will provide simple, ready-to-use information suitable for hikers with children, new hikers, senior hikers, and potential hikers who lack a regular outdoor fitness regimen. American Hiking wants to ensure that hiking is a positive, healthy experience for family hikers.

“Eighty-five percent of all American families live in cities, and we must recognize the value of neighborhood parks and community trails to today’s hiking family,” explains American Hiking Society President, Gregory Miller. “We need to redefine the outdoors as close to home, affordable and accessible as well as culturally relevant to all Americans.” Miller goes on to provide tips for families with young children, “There are plenty of outdoor adventures ahead for both parents and children. If you are a parent or caregiver with young children or are new to hiking, spending time on the trail offers a world of opportunity. Your family will grow closer, get healthier, have fun outdoor experiences, and to make life-long family memories.”

To enhance the enjoyment, safety, and prevalence of family hiking, American Hiking Society’s Families on Foot initiative provides families with informational resources through hiking trail suggestions, how-to’s, and family membership targeted benefits for the family. One great inspiration to get families outside is FalconGuides, Best Easy Day Hike Series. American Hiking Society’s Families on Foot initiative has endorsed this guide as a great resource for parents. “We’re thrilled to partner with American Hiking Society on their Families on Foot program, because of our shared commitment to connecting more families and kids to the great outdoors,” says John Spalding, senior marketing manager at FalconGuides. “This initiative will do much to help instill a love for nature, and a deep concern for its future, for generations to come.”

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Families on Foot helps families along the path to healthier living. It increases their connection with nature by expanding the amount of physical, outdoor activity they experience through hiking. Your company can get involved and help American Hiking Society take this national educational initiative to the next level. Families on Foot is a new initiative and American Hiking Society is excited to roll it out at the 2015 Winter Outdoor Retailer Trade show this week in Salt Lake City. For more information on Families on Foot and American Hiking Society, stop by the American Hiking Society booth #A-114, join us at 4:30 pm on Friday, January 23, for a happy hour during the Winter OR show at the FalconGuide booth, or email American Hiking Society Director of Development, Kim Lyons at

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