AAS Tests the New Light Cushion Sock from Darn Tough Vermont

American Adventure Sports has tested the new Light Cushion Sock from Darn Tough Vermont. This revolutionary proudct is a breakthrough for adventure racers’ feet.

August 16, 2012 – When American Adventure Sports first pulled on a pair of Darn Tough Socks and hit the trails in 2010 we couldn't believe our feet. Since then, the socks have only gotten better. At the recent Outdoor Retailer Summer Market show we were given the opportunity to test Darn Tough's new spring '13 Run/Bike sock, the Light Cushion. While every OR show brings exciting advances in outdoor gear, this new sock is especially beneficial to adventure racers and anybody else who depends on their feet's comfort and health during rigorous outdoor pursuits.

Adventure racers put their gear through nearly every type of physically demanding activity and condition out there. If a piece of gear doesn't perform flawlessly, it's not coming along for the next race. Darn Tough Vermont's socks have proven to be a piece of essential gear that gives competitors one less thing to worry about, and the new Light Cushion socks take that peace of mind to a new level.

TeamSOG racer and 1st Lieutenant in the United States Army Toby Angove quotes: “Your feet are the most important part of your body while competing or on active duty. It is essential to keep moving in any situation while racing. By wearing only Darn Tough Socks our team is able to avoid blistering and keep their feet dry. This allows us to react and maintain a state of perpetual motion no matter what Mother Nature dishes out at us.”

By combining high-density cushioning with a truly lightweight, ultra low-bulk sock, Darn Tough has given us an option where there was once only compromise. Athletes who typically wear a mesh or ultra light sock by necessity to accommodate form-fitting, minimalist shoes and the swelling of the feet that comes with hours of demanding racing can now have their cake and eat it too. The Light Cushion socks allow these racers to harness the benefits of high-density, underfoot cushioning in a sock that won't crowd their shoes. The high-density cushioning Darn Tough builds into their socks is resilient, meaning it won't get matted down over time. Our feet felt strong, fresh and dry with no signs of blisters after 10 miles of running in the Wasatch Range on a 93-degree day. Mother Nature threw in a soaking, 10-minute rain shower for good measure, but it was no match for the moisture-wicking Merino wool and breathable construction of these socks.

So how does Darn Tough do it? The new Light Cushion socks use a superfine, 17.5-micron Merino wool yarn that is longer and stronger than thicker yarns. It's also half the wool yarn weight, making these new socks noticeably light and breathable. They knit this superfine yarn to the same high-density as all their other socks while incorporating four levels of thickness throughout, from the cushioned foot bed to mesh flex panels and vents on the top of the foot. A True-Seamlessâ„¢ toe closure finishes it all off with a virtually undetectable toe seam. When you combine 1,441 stitches per square inch with a 17.5-micron yarn, you get a lightweight sock with comfort, fit and durability like nothing we've felt before.

The Cabot family, founders and owners of Darn Tough, have been making socks in Vermont for over 30 years. A couple things make their socks stand out from the rest of the market from the get-go: the industry's highest density knitting (1,441 stiches/sq. inch), in-house production for scrupulous quality control and a no-questions-asked unconditional lifetime guarantee to back it all up.

Every athlete knows the importance of a great sock, and we are positive that every athlete will love Darn Tough socks. Wherever your outdoor passion lies, there is a sock made specifically for you. There is no other wool sock out there that can perform this well while being so comfortable and durable.

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