UCO Gear's #TrashTag Project goes viral

The movement to clean our planet one piece of trash at a time started four years ago, but recently received global attention.
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Picking up trash is cool, partly thanks to UCO Gear's social media movement.

Four years ago, the Washington-based brand launched the #TrashTag Project to encourage people to clean up litter on trails, parks, beaches, and city sidewalks, and post about it to inspire others to do the same. 

But just last week, the movement picked up major steam across mainstream media, with nearly 38,000 Instagram posts and also stories by CNN, CBS, Forbes, The Hill, and TIME Magazine.

The movement was born after UCO ambassador Steven Reinhold was haunted by accidentally littering on a road trip. Guilty, the environmental-friendly guy vowed to gather 100 pieces of trash as retribution and then brought the idea to UCO GearThe brand pledged to clean up 10,000 pieces of trash by the following year. 

Then, an Arizona resident named Byron Román shared a photo of Algerian ecologist and activist Drici Tani Younes and urged “bored teens” to take before and after photos of a public area they cleaned up, which became known as the #TrashTag Challenge.

Follow the #TrashTag and join the challenge.


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