VIDEO: The Retail Immersion Project | Tom Barney's big takeaway lessons

The Retail Immersion Project | Tom Barney's big takeaway lessons

After five weeks working the sales floor, Tom Barney reflects on the many lessons learned.

It's very easy for brand executives to talk about how they are committed to supporting independent specialty retailers. It's another thing entirely for them to take time away from the corner office in order to immerse themselves in the day-to-day business of running a shop.

That's what Tom Barney, former CEO of Osprey and the new COO of Verde Brand Communications, did during the busy holiday season. "There's a natural process that happens to leaders in business," he says. "They get insulated to what's truly happening with retailers and reps and agencies."

There are floors to be swept, sales to be rung, clinics to sit through, shelves to stock, schedules to manage, orders to submit, calls to make, even toilets to be plunged during a day in the life of a specialty store owner. In the spirit of building stronger communication and more cooperation, Barney hopes that more outdoor execs will follow in his footsteps by creating their own immersion experiences and sharing their stories.

Learn more about Barney's experience and watch live video clips here.

Tom Barney studying paperwork at Backcountry Experience.

Tom Barney studying paperwork at Backcountry Experience.

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