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Now that the newest issue of The Voice has dropped, the team at SNEWS is taking a hard look at all we do to serve you better. We strive to bring you the outdoor industry's best, most relevant business news coverage, and sometimes that means tweaking our strategy based on honest feedback. 

What do you want to read more of? What departments can you live without? How and when do you engage with the content we publish? We want to hear your thoughts, honest and unfiltered.

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The Voice: FAQ

What date will the first issue drop? Day 1 of the Outdoor Retailer show, January 30, 2019. How many days of issues? The Voice is not a daily show magazine. It’s a single premium magazine that is timed to drop at the the show. For digital daily show coverage, opinions, and more


Help SNEWS win an Outdoor Media Award

Here at SNEWS, our top priority is to bring you the most relevant, accurate, up-to-the-minute news in the outdoor industry. We don't do it for the awards, but when a nomination does come our way, we're deeply flattered. It means that we're doing something right in our service to more


The 2003 SNEWS Editors' Voice PR Awards

PR … Oh my, the trade can elicit groans and bad jokes from journalists everywhere. Yes, we all have horror stories. But in the glee to share the bad, we sometimes forget the good stuff, the golden PR people out there who make our lives easier while also getting their companies more


SNEWS 2002 Editors' Voice PR Awards

Last year's inaugural SNEWS Editors' Voice PR Awards exceeded our most humble expectations. With the debut of the award, we hoped to establish a standard for the creativity and the energy the media need from PR folk beyond sending us ridiculous promotions or pestering us more


The 2004 SNEWS® Editors' Voice PR Awards

A great PR person is worth his or her weight in gold to a journalist, not to mention to the company for which he or she works. We know it's not an easy job all the time to satisfy us demanding journalists as well as to please company management, which is why we established the more