POW plans 'Twitter Blizzard' to persuade Trump to #KeepParis


Send 140 characters to Trump tomorrow to ask him to protect the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Trump moves forward with DAPL, Keystone XL pipelines

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Even if you’re hitting the slopes tomorrow to catch some actual powder, take a second from the lift to participate in Protect Our Winters’s Twitter Blizzard.

The goal? Persuade President-elect Donald Trump to renege on his calls to back out of the historic Paris Agreement for international cooperation to combat climate change signed by the United States in April. And beyond that, POW wants Trump to “proudly stand up for the commitment we made as a nation in his first 100 days of office.”

The means? Overwhelm Trump on Twitter via a 24-hour stream of tweets asking him to #KeepParis.

“President-elect Trump has now assembled an all-star team of climate deniers and fossil fuel buddies in his cabinet by nominating the current CEO of Exxon Mobil to be the new Secretary of State, and climate denier Scott Pruitt to oversee the EPA,” POW wrote in a press release about the campaign, which will start at 9 a.m. MT Thursday and continue throughout the day. “The future of the Paris Agreement is in their hands. Before the inauguration, we don’t have an official channel to reach him to express our frustration about his anti-climate signals. But we know he loves using Twitter.”

Trump has been known for tirades on Twitter about everything from a former Miss Universe winner to a message the cast of Hamilton gave to incoming Vice President Mike Pence. It’s clear that he reads what people tweet at him, so make sure to use his handle, @realDonaldTrump, every time you tweet.

POW has amassed a long list of sample tweets, so all you have to do is copy and paste. Here are a few, but find more at POW’s website:

  • .@realDonaldTrump, we hear you’re a skier. Act like it and #protectourwinters. #100Days #KeepParis
  • .@realDonaldTrump, more people work in renewables than oil & gas – get behind this and you’re a job creation hero #100Days #KeepParis
  • .@realDonaldTrump @bloomberg says solar is bec. the cheapest form of electricity & majority of US wants clean energy. Be a leader #keepparis
  • .@realDonaldTrump, 7/10 Americans, including 57% of Republicans, support the #ParisAgreement #KeepParis #100days


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