Twitter spat: Patagonia vs. Zinke

It's on.
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It's not what you say, it's how you say it. In this case, it's not what you tweet, but what you retweet than can cause an uproar.

From the second President Trump announced he would take Ryan Zinke's advice on slashing the size of two Utah monuments, Patagonia has vocalized plans to sue

On Tuesday, during a press call, Zinke said: "You mean Patagonia made in China? This is an example of special interest." 

CNN reporter Miranda Green shared this quote on Twitter (below), and it was retweeted by the Interior Secretary's twitter account.

Patagonia quickly responded tweeting: "It's odd that @SecretaryZinke has no problem with special interests when they're paying for his private jets. We have been fighting for these lands for decades, so that hunters, fisherman, hikers and everyone else can use them and help us protect them."

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The Interior Press Secretary's official account then tweeted in response: ".@patagonia statement is false. Never took a private "jet" let alone one paid by "special interests"

The diss continued with the secretary including the hashtags: #MadeInChina and #FakeNews

When another twitter user called out a supposed charter flight Zinke took from Las Vegas to Montana, the press secretary tweeted:

"Not a jet. Not paid be spec interest. Same prop that prev secs used. selected by career officials."

We have no doubt we'll be hearing more from Patagonia. Stay tuned!