"Did you you have a good show?" It's the perennial question this time of year. With one click, share your thoughts on summer OR—our last stand in Salt Lake City—and instantly gauge the pulse of the industry.

There was change in the air at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. We all felt it. After months of speculation, debate, and wait, we finally know where we'll be for the next five years (Denver). 

Despite some of the big players being absent (Patagonia, Arc'teryx, and Polartec), the show went on, and the estimated 3,000 who participated in the March for Public lands seemed extremely stoked to be part of that. Meanwhile, for those abstained from the march to carry on with meetings, it was business as usual on the show floor.

So tell us, how was your show? Choose one of our answers below, or write your own in the comment section.



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