March for public lands creates massive buzz

At the This Land is Our Land March for Public Lands, social buzz about protecting our most valuable natural resources went far beyond the walls of Outdoor Retailer.
Social buzz at Outdoor Retailer

Thousands of Outdoor Retailer attendees marched in support of public lands on Thursday. But well beyond the aisles of the trade show, people were hyped on public lands all over the globe.

SNEWS worked with the active lifestyle team at Dispatch Communications last week to listen in on what was causing the most buzz on social media. And on Thursday, the day of the march, talk about public lands exceeded social conversations about gear by 40 percent.

People as far away as Iceland, China, India, and Australia were engaging with hashtags about public lands in the U.S., according to Dispatch.

Keep that energy alive by using the same hashtags as the fight to protect our public land continues: #ThriveOutside #PublicLandsMarch #WeAreOutdoor #TogetherWeAreAForce #MyPublicLands #ProtectPublicLands #WeAreUnited #ParksForAll #ThisLandIsOurLand #KeepItPublic #DefendBearsEars

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