Outdoor Reads: Would you punch a bear? Is geocaching the new thing?

Find out who punches a bear and whether geocaching is the next big thing.
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What did the SNEWS team read this week that other industry insiders might find interesting? Read on to find out!

  • The Colorado floods devastated our home base of Boulder, Colo., among other Colorado towns. Though the headquarters of Colorado-based outdoor companies were mostly OK, our communities still need help. In this Denver Post article, find out ways to step up and pitch in.
  • We’re lovers, not fighters, but we’ll crack some teeth when it comes down to it — especially bear teeth. Especially bear teeth that threaten to eat our beautiful significant others. In that regard we’re much like Jason Lauesen, a man who punched a grizzly bear that came into the tent where he and his girlfriend were sleeping during a Labor Day weekend camping trip, according to this story.
  • The fitness industry is starting to discover what the outdoor industry has long known: Stand-up paddleboarding is a killer workout disguised as a good time. For Lisa Gonzales, the woman featured in this Daily Sparks Tribune story, stand-up paddleboarding is a way to sneak in a workout the way one sneaks in vegetables into delicious treats.
  • Apparel company Jack Wolfskin has gotten one step closer to achieving a transparent supply chain, according to this Ecotextile News story. The company recently published a list of all its direct suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Sometimes the call to eat ice cream is simply too loud to resist. Had we been among the group featured in this article that added six more miles to their 9-mile hiking day to get soft-serve ice cream fix, we most certainly would have voted to add the extra miles for some creamy goodness.
  • But it hasn’t been all good news in recent weeks. The Rexburg Standard Journal recently reported that in Yellowstone National Park two separate tragedies occurred. In one, a little girl accidentally fatally shot herself, and in another a Boulder, Colo. man fell to his death.
  • With all this news of tragedy out there, it’s natural for people to think the outdoors are dangerous. This guest commentary in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune talks about that. This story said though news of deaths while recreating outdoors seem common lately, it’s not really any worse than it has been in the past. The writer said people are more likely to die in a car crash headed to the gym than they are hiking in a park.
  • Like yoga, the experience of climbing is best done outdoors — but many climbers are gym climbers, according to this story. One college organization is working to change that by bringing the experience of outdoor climbing to gym jockeys.
  • More doctors are prescribing exercise as a way to manage diseases like diabetes, and hiking is the perfect way to fill that prescription for many. If you’re in the Green Bay, Wis. area, doctors are teaming up with local hike leaders to offer a program called Take a Hike to get people out and hiking for health. Check out this story for more information.
  • This is good news for our outdoor companies that offer products for geocaching: geocaching is taking off, according to this story. This MilleLacs Messenger story features the activity and one family in particular that got hooked on it in 2008 and has since visited 72 Minnesota state parks twice over to have some geocaching fun.

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