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  • Impacts of "energy dominance" policyA new report from The Mountain Pact examines the direct and immediate impacts of the Trump administration’s policies on public lands and Western communities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. 
  • Award: Outdoor Industry Association's Andrew Pappas, who manages state and local policy, won the 2019 Emerging Leader award from Western Resource Advocates.
  • Walmart has banned ammunition for assault-style rifles: "[T]he move was also propelled, as social action most often is, from below—from the pleadings and the polemics of Walmart employees, who, deciding that they no longer wanted to be 'complicit' in profiting from the sale of firearms, put their livelihoods on the line in order to push their bosses to take a further stand on the gun issue."
  • Kids for parks: An 11-year-old was selected as a Buddy Bison Student Ambassador with the National Park Trust in Maryland. Her new job is to help educate people about environmental protection and National Parks. “My mom and dad have always been outdoor adventurers, and they always take us to Minnesota and we go on so many hiking trails, so that got me interested in nature,” she said.
  • New Kickstsarter: Nearly all ski wax is made from petroleum. According to mountainFLOW, about 2.5 million pounds of petroleum-based ski wax was introduced last year into the U.S. snowpack, eventually ending up in local streams and rivers. That's why mountainFLOW just launched a Kickstarter for the first line of plant-based ski wax
  • America Outdoors appointed Aaron Bannon as the organization’s new executive director. He starts on Nov. 1. Bannon will lead the association in advocacy, education, and collaboration for the outfitting industry
  • NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) selected Terri Watson to serve as the school’s sixth president since its founding in 1965. Watson will succeed John Gans who announced last November that he planned to step down after 24 years as president.