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  • A new study confirms what we already assumed: That getting outdoors has positive health impacts. The study from the Great Outdoors Lab was published in Emotion, a journal of the American Psychological Association. Scientists measured the neuroendocrine for participants in a rafting trip, as well as facial analysis based on Go-Pro video footage of trip participants. The Great Outdoors Lab is a partnership between Sierra Club Outdoors, UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center, and REI. The Lab is conducting a longitudinal study on how whitewater rafting and being outdoors impacts the mental and physical well-being of veterans and youth from underserved communities. “Those of us who lead trips into the outdoors for veterans and youth from underserved communities know that getting outside improves both mental and physical health,” said Rob Vessels, Director of Sierra Club Military Outdoors.
  • With 2018 halfway over, it's hard to think back to 2017. But Outdoor Industry Association makes it easy to reflect on all the work that was done last year with its new policy report. The big numbers are below and click here for more of the breakdown.
Outdoor Industry Association 2017 policy report
  • By 2020, Mountain Khakis hopes to be B-Corp Certified. The brand is seeking the certification based on its commitment to land stewardship, gender and ethnic diversity, nonprofits and charities, sustainability, and more.
  • Rewilding cities: REI is in its third year of five massive projects in five massive cities: Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington D.C. In talking about the wonder of wild places entirely removed from civilization, Marc Berejka, community and government affairs director, says, “Our vision is to bring that type of wonder closer to the urban environment and creates one continuous circumference.”
  • Announcing, a new journal just for bikepackers. “The Bikepacking Journal” will issue its first bi-annual print publication this October. It promises more than 130 pages of the "very best in pedal-powered storytelling and photography from around the globe.”
  • Fjällräven was awarded the 2018 OutDoor Award in the “Innovative Material” category for its brand-new Bergshell™ material at the OutDoor Tradeshow in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Bergshell is a newly developed, abrasion-resistant and waterproof material, and it will make its North American debut at the upcoming Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.