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  • Backcountry Hunters & Anglers (BHA) criticized William Perry Pendley, the new Bureau of Land Management leader, for advocating for the sale of millions of acres of public lands and waters. Land Tawney, BHA president and CEO, said in a newsletter: "William Pendley has made a name for himself by relentlessly and brazenly attacking our American system of public lands and waters and advocating for the sale of this priceless American legacy."
  • Obituary: Gertrude Benham is one incredible woman whose death went unnoticed by The New York Times, but who is now being honored. Born in the 19th century, she went on to scale 300 peaks all across the world in her lifetime.
  • Print's return: Outdoor Voices is launching a new storytelling and marketing platform called The Recreationist. Each issue of the print magazine will feature a collection of product recommendations, playlists, city guides and features, and more. REI is also launching a print product.
  • "Rock balancing": Staff of Zion National Park in Utah are asking visitors to not create rock stacks, better known as cairns.
  • Granite Gear, based in Minnesota, has hired Julie Bacon​ as its public relations manager to lead strategy behind media relations, the ​Grounds Keepers Program​, and email campaigns.
  • GRAYL, the Seattle-based innovator of water purifiers built for global travel, has named Hayter Communications as its public relations agency of record.