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  • Donations for outdoor equity: The Youth Conservation Corp (YCC) announced today that it is accepting donations for the country’s first-ever Outdoor Equity Fund (OEF), created by New Mexico's outdoor recreation office. Starting in 2020, the money will go toward transformative outdoor experiences that foster stewardship and respect for the state's land, water, and cultural heritage. "By engaging kids in exciting and educational outdoor recreation, New Mexico can create a new generation of leaders and land stewards who care about our climate, air, water, environment, wildlife, and natural resources," said Axie Navas, Outdoor Recreation Division Director.
  • Worthwhile watch: Lydia Bradey, the first woman to climb Everest without using supplemental oxygen in 1988, shares her controversial story, one that includes her being the subject of scrutiny and doubt. 
  • Register for the American Alpine Club benefit dinner: On March 14 in Denver, the AAC will hold the annual event, featuring conservation superstar Kris Tompkins and the soon-to-be-announced 2020 Climbing Awardees. RSVP here.
  • Legal action: A photographer is suing officials in the Interior Department because the government charges fees for commercial shoots in National Parks. The photographer, Gordon Price, received a violation for filming without a permit in Yorktown Battlefield in Colonial National Historical Park. Price argues that the law is faulty.
  • Backcountry update: After Backcountry was exposed for filing lawsuits and petitions against other businesses using the word "backcountry"—including retailers—the online retailer has opened its own brick-and-mortar store in New York City. Some customers have called out the irony.
  • A climate-friendly bank: Bank of the West BNP Paribas yesterday became the first U.S. bank to team up with Doconomy to enable its customers to track and measure the CO2 impact of their purchases. Through this relationship, Bank of the West will provide a digital  view of customer's CO2 impact of their purchases.
  • Quote-worthy: "Both the news and the A16 closure reminded us of how much we often treasure our local businesses." (Adventure Journal)
  • SIMMS has hired Strick Walker as its chief marketing officer, starting in February 2020, according to a press release. He is currently the chief marketing officer at Merrell, and before that, he served as global marketing director for Patagonia and in global marketing at Converse.