Industry headlines: Intriguing reads from around the web

Saw that coming: Yellowstone reopened on Monday and visitors poured in by the thousands. Virus precaution was, shall we say, a little lacking. [The Guardian]

Malcolm Daly is recovering smoothly: Our esteemed colleague is in good health and making strides in speech therapy. His family published an update on his Go Fund Me page and released this video of his progress in therapy.

A win for the plastic warriors: A new plant-based bottle that degrades in a year has the backing of Coca-Cola, Danone, and other corporate giants. Want to do more yourself? Join the Plastic Impact Alliance and curb your use of single-use plastics. [EcoWatch]

DEI and getting back to work: Camber Outdoors has outlined a return-to-work strategy that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion.

A conversation about rewilding Patagonia: Join The Conservation Alliance tomorrow at 11 a.m. MDT for a virtual talk with conservationist Kris Tompkins and climber Timmy O’Neill.

How safe are the outdoors? As we start to get outside again, remember to brush up on the latest information about safety in public. [The New York Times]

The best of SNEWS: Top stories we've published recently

An apparel company embraces crowdsourcing: DUER, a performance denim brand, has responded to a massive loss in revenue with a new initiative meant to market-proof products before they go into production.

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