Coronavirus news

Outdoor brands shutter stores left and right: Many companies are closing all retail stores to prevent the spread of the virus, among them Merrell, REI, VF Corp., and Columbia. Some, including Patagonia, are halting ecommerce as well.

End of the line: Ski resorts across the U.S. rapidly shut down in recent days, marking an abrupt, unceremonious end to the season.

Product launches and social distancing: Brands are working around trade show cancellations by scheduling virtual product launches. [Bicycle Retailer]

National parks outcry: The National Park Service has not announced any closures or guidelines yet, prompting frustration among employees. [National Parks Traveler]

New Mexico leads by example: By contrast, all New Mexico state parks have closed through April 9. []

From fringe to mainstream: The “prepper” community has long supported a niche industry that caters to paranoid survivalists. Now that same industry is under strain as many more people stockpile goods. [Wired]

Other industry news

An endurance race like no other: In New Hampshire’s Last Skier Standing race, pain isn’t just an obstacle; it’s the whole point. [Outside Online]

La Sportiva grows its team in Canada: The company hired Howe Sound Sales as a rep for British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Yukon Territory, and the Northwest Territories.

Oh, you don’t say: On the lighter side of the news, one writer explores the weird, wacky warnings on outdoor products, like “not for human consumption” on a can of fish bait. [Dodge City Daily Globe]