The company uses its mission to inspire others to “Chase Adventure. It Fits You.™”

It is how a company begins that you often find its story rooted deep inside. A story that can shape the future of how a company becomes a brand. Swiftwick began on the trails when a group of mountain bikers desired a better sock. After months of field testing on and off of the bike, the company launched the new standard in sock design combining incredible fit and moisture wicking. What started as a group of guys going after their own adventures, led to an international brand inspiring its audience around the world to “Chase Adventure. It Fits You.™”


Plenty has changed since its beginnings, but Swiftwick has continued to be a team of athletes serving athletes with a shared passion for a fun, active lifestyle. Since its inception, the company has developed nine different sock lines for runners, cyclists, outdoor enthusiasts, golfers, hockey players and adaptive athletes. However, its focus on pursuing adventure has remained a core value today. The team strives each day to bring performance and comfort to their fellow athletes and join them in the adventures of an active lifestyle. The company works with hundreds of different athletes to inspire others to chase their own adventure. From elite athletes to weekend warriors, Swiftwick utilizes its athletes for product feedback, promotions and inspiration.

As athleisure continues to grow and lead the apparel industry, Swiftwick has continued the same approach on promoting its product since its humble beginnings. Through the company’s athlete program, Swiftwick receives stories and photos from their athletes and ambassadors and uses them in advertisements, social media and other promotions. The team believes that the best way to have other athletes introduced to the brand is to show an authentic use of the product. Swiftwick chooses to focus on the strength, grit and diversity that each athlete possesses and portray the happiness and joy of them chasing each day’s adventures. Every photo that is used for promotion has been supplied by the company’s athletes and ambassadors.

“Here at Swiftwick, we are blessed to work with some pretty exceptional athletes,” said Katy Hudgins, Athlete Coordinator at Swiftwick. “We are able to witness real photos of backpacking adventures through the Wind River Range, see race recaps from athletes breaking records and read authentic stories on why they have decided to race around the world. It is what drives our team, and I am thrilled that we are able to use our athletes to encourage others to chase their own adventures no matter how big or small.”

Some of the athletes on Swiftwick’s roster include USA Track and Field 50K men’s trail-running winner Max King, Arizona Marathon and World 50k champion Tommy Rivers Puzey as well as Hillary Allen, who recently won the 2017 Skymarathon Maderia. The UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team and Maxxis Shimano Cyclocross are also part of the company’s elite sponsorships.

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Mirna Valerio, author of FatGirlRunning, is an active larger girl in a thinner world via the individual yet universal sport of running. The company works with Valerio to communicate her message that the image of an athlete is not a one size fits all . When asked about being promoted by Swiftwick, Valerio said:" Athletes come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s great to work with a company that acknowledges all the different types of people wearing their clothes. Here's to the notion that the new aspirational body is the one on the athlete, whoever they may be!”

Though Swiftwick is proud to work with elite athletes, the company also believes that its everyday adventurers and weekend warriors are just as integral to the brand. Whether its athletes are opening up their own fitness studio, running their first 5k or trekking through Nepal, the company uses athletes of all levels to tell their story and inspire others to chase adventure.


“As an athlete, I am honored to be wearing socks that actually help me to perform my best,” said Swiftwick ambassador Amanda Foland. “To be featured in a magazine that I read for inspiration is humbling and an honor. The athletes and experts that make up Runner’s World are ones I look up to, and to be featured in that same magazine, wearing and representing Swiftwick is a dream come true.”

Every activity, every adventure throws specific challenges at you, which is why the company focuses on promoting the people who chase their own adventures every day. Swiftwick is proud to market its socks by showing the athletes who actually use it.

Swiftwick socks are more than just apparel, they are the essential performance link between athletes and their high-performance footwear. Swiftwick crafts every sock with our Contoured Compression® Fit and Fiber First™ Moisture Wicking to provide uncompromising performance. Empowering a personal best whether heading into the final miles of a marathon, escaping in the breakaway or traversing a mountain trail. No other sock performs better between athletes and their chosen terrain.


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