Did you hear?... German reporter unveils idiocies about SLC

In a recent feature column in Germany's Sueddeutsche Zeitung (SDZ), a reporter unveiled a few idiocies about Salt Lake City:

In a recent feature column in Germany's Sueddeutsche Zeitung (SDZ), a reporter unveiled a few idiocies about Salt Lake City: First, he points out that the Mormons don't smoke, don't drink, don't consume caffeine, and visitors have to pay to join "clubs" to get decent alcohol above the three-percent beer without food. Contradicting those seemingly high morals, he then adds, is the fact that the use of the anti-depressant Prozac is 60 percent higher in Salt Lake City than the average in the United States on a whole.


Did you hear?... The Olympics brings price increases to SLC

Salt Lake City is gouging its way into the history books -- literally. Being somewhat familiar with SLC prices since many of us attend Outdoor Retailer's twice yearly trade shows there, feast your eyes on the following facts: With the arrival of the Olympics, a pint of beer ...read more

Did you hear?... Gert Boyle spotted signing posters at Galyan's in SLC

Our spies in Salt Lake noticed none other than Gert Boyle, the spirited matriarch and chairwoman of the board of Columbia Sportswear Company signing posters at Galyan's in Salt Lake City around 5 PM on Feb. 9. The unflappable and wildly popular "Mother Boyle" was holding court as ...read more

Did you hear?... Vortex Inc. develops new stay

Vortex Inc., a manufacturer of internal frame backpacks based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has developed a new stay it's dubbed, "Smart Stay." Made of polycarbonate, the new stays are 30 percent lighter and 85 percent stronger than standard aluminum stays according to company ...read more

Did you hear?... Runner's World annual treadmill report out

In the second year of Runner's World's overhaul of its treadmill report, the magazine has again simply printed short write-ups about eight treadmills in its January 2007 issue, rather than rating and ranking them one against the other as in the past. In addition, two additional ...read more

Did you hear?... Reporter covering the Olympics ends up in hotel hallway naked

A Canadian reporter covering the Olympics in Salt Lake City ended up in a hotel hallway naked when he tried to grab his newspaper in front of his door, only to have the room door snap shut behind him. Ooops. So using the newspaper for a loin cloth, Francois Gagnon of the Quebec ...read more

Fitness: Did you hear?...

>> Vision Fitness awarded 100,000 frequent flier miles at the Health & Fitness Business show to salesperson Trevor LeClair of Fitness Experience Canada, as the company's retail salesperson who scored the highest on a series of tests that culminated in "semi-finals" and "finals" ...read more

Outdoor: Did You Hear?…

>> The SNEWS® team is issuing a Red Alert to all of our subscribers regarding a bogus email scam that attempts to lure you into downloading a harmful virus. A sample email that you might receive looks like it has come from us and appears as follows: "From: support@snewsnet.com ...read more

Did you hear?... Entrepreneur warns about changing brand identity

In a recent story in Entrepreneur magazine about creating and maintaining consumer brand awareness, one of three sidebars focusing on separate companies took a look at Nike -- and didn't like what it saw. "The power of its branding helped Nike sprint past the competition in the ...read more

Did you hear?... Sports Experts opens its second German outlet

On Oct. 18 Austrian sports discounter Sports Experts opens its second German outlet, adding the Bavarian capital city to its Regensburg branch. SNEWS® hears that German retailers, especially Interport members, aren't smiling at the discount centers from Intersport Austria's Sport ...read more