Did you hear?... Reporter covering the Olympics ends up in hotel hallway naked

A Canadian reporter covering the Olympics in Salt Lake City ended up in a hotel hallway naked when he tried to grab his newspaper in front of his door, only to have the room door snap shut behind him.

A Canadian reporter covering the Olympics in Salt Lake City ended up in a hotel hallway naked when he tried to grab his newspaper in front of his door, only to have the room door snap shut behind him. Ooops. So using the newspaper for a loin cloth, Francois Gagnon of the Quebec newspaper Le Soleil tracked down a hotel manager, the report goes, to let him back into his room. But those Salt Lake City denizens didn't take too kindly to his bare butt, it seems. After letting him back into his hotel room, management asked him to leave, despite a reported quip by Gagnon about how he was lucky the paper was a larger broadsheet and not a tabloid. "I think they overreacted," Gagnon told the Ottawa Citizen. "That incident would have been solved in 35 seconds in Quebec. He would have laughed at me, and opened the door." SNEWS® View: Let's see, it's illegal to drink in a restaurant in Salt Lake City without "having the intention of ordering food" so it stands to reason that you can't go naked in the hallways of hotels without first having the intention of wearing clothes. Please! Is it any wonder so many folks, those in this industry included, hate spending time in this city?



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