Did you hear?... Vortex Inc. develops new stay

Vortex Inc., a manufacturer of internal frame backpacks based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has developed a new stay it's dubbed, "Smart Stay."

Vortex Inc., a manufacturer of internal frame backpacks based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has developed a new stay it's dubbed, "Smart Stay." Made of polycarbonate, the new stays are 30 percent lighter and 85 percent stronger than standard aluminum stays according to company president, Bill Crawly. In addition, the Smart Stay is stiffer in certain areas and more flexible in others, to achieve the best torsional flex possible. Crawly says that Vortex will license the technology to other manufacturers.


Did you hear?...Utah GOED board gives Outdoor Retailer $250,000 incentive to stay

On June 15, the Utah Governor's Economic Development Board (GOED) voted to approve a $250,000 cash incentive to Outdoor Retailer, ostensibly to help smooth the way for the show to stay in Salt Lake City for much longer than the current contracted period. The monies will be paid ...read more

Vortex Grows By Departing From American-Made Label

Vortex Backpacks, a 6-year old, Salt Lake City, Utah-based, backpack manufacturer, announced that company sales compared to 2000 were up 28 percent for the fiscal year ending Oct. 31. The company also reported that it anticipates the 2002 report to be up 48 percent. Being the ...read more

Fitness: Did you hear?...

>> The March 2004 issue of Smart Money magazine rated home gyms, with the True Strength 540 HG coming out on top with five stars (the magazine noted a "pleasing tubular look"), but was tailed closely by the Parabody GS6 with 4.5 stars. Next with four stars came the Hoist V5 (with ...read more

Did you hear?... German reporter unveils idiocies about SLC

In a recent feature column in Germany's Sueddeutsche Zeitung (SDZ), a reporter unveiled a few idiocies about Salt Lake City: First, he points out that the Mormons don't smoke, don't drink, don't consume caffeine, and visitors have to pay to join "clubs" to get decent alcohol ...read more

Fitness: Did you hear?...

For the week of March 8-14 >> On March 14, the-company-formerly-known-as-Direct-Focus, since known as The Nautilus Group will officially become "Nautilus Inc." Don't expect any razzamatazz, flashy announcements or champagne toasts. The company said it just "signals the ...read more

Outdoor: Did you hear?...

>> If you haven't made your reservation yet for the Outdoor Industry Association Rendezvous, Sept. 30 through Oct. 3 at the Park Hyatt in the Beaver Creek Resort in Colorado, do it NOW! It is, in our opinion, one of the single most important gatherings for outdoor industry ...read more

Outdoor: Did you hear?...

For the week of Sept. 28 to Oct. 4 >> Bill Bancroft, a well-loved sales rep for Mountain Hardwear working with Barry Schrimsher and the Sherpa Group, as well as for K2 working with Terry Skjersaa, was found dead of an apparent suicide at the age of 50 on Sept. 24. Prior to ...read more

Fitness: Did you hear?…

For the week Oct. 26 to Nov. 1 >> Have you seen the Tom Hanks movie, "The Terminal," where a visitor from a make-believe Eastern country gets held in the JFK airport because his country had a military coup while he was in the air and it basically doesn't exist? In the opening ...read more

Fitness: Did you hear?...

>> In its annual now-much-anticipated report on who's the fattest of them all, Detroit has risen to top "honors" in the Men's Fitness magazine's Fattest Cities report. Detroit jumped from third place to first overall, partly because it has the lowest per capita number of gyms and ...read more