Is Chouinard living in a bubble?

Rep. Rob Bishop thinks so.
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The war of words continues between Patagonia and Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah).

On Friday, Bishop posted yet another photo spoofing Patagonia’s original black box tweet. This one replaced “Patagonia is Lying” with “Patagonia is Hiding”. The post then links to a letter from Bishop to Chouinard in response to the CEO’s decline to come speak to share his view.

Bishop doesn’t hold back, saying Chouinard is living in an ideological bubble with a worldview of someone who rarely encounters people with different viewpoints. Bishop says he is disappointed to not get the chance to further hear explanation of Chouinard’s view while also sharing the opposing side.

The letter goes on to express a disappointment that Patagonia is misleading the public, pointing out that every inch of the land will continue to be public and subject to rigorous environmental review. “High-profile corporate citizens who make factually inaccurate and misleading statements and then hide from further scrutiny do a disservice to their customers and the American public,” he writes.

“There is clearly a wide-range of opinions about the most effective and beneficial ways to manage our massive federal estate. My opinions, unlike yours, are constantly subject to public scrutiny. I am faced, on nearly a daily basis, with strongly advocated counter arguments. Even when I strongly disagree with my political opponents, I respect them and always remain willing to participate in a dialogue with them.”

Chouinard previously denied the invite because he felt it was disingenuous after the committee accused Patagonia of lying. “We have little hope that you are working in good faith with this invitation,” Chouinard said is his letter to Bishop. “Our positions are clear and public, and we encourage you to read them.”

Late last month, we shared other views of outdoor industry professionals who disagreed in Patagonia’s actions. “If Yvon loved this land, maybe he’d manufacture in this land,” said Owner of Three Saints Outdoors John Drollinger. Owner of Moab Gear Trader Marshall Dvorscak told us many customers were boycotting Patagonia.


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