Hot/Not | What outdoor gear is trending this week at Feral Mountain Co. in Colorado

Get a real-time snapshot of what's selling like crazy (and what's destined for closeout) in outdoor retail shops around the country...right now.
Jimmy Funkhouser

At Feral Mountain Co. in Denver, Colorado, insulated water bottles are killing it, says owner Jimmy Funkhouser.

Jimmy Funkhouser, owner of Feral Mountain Co. in Denver, Colorado, shares some beta on what's moving in his store this week.

Hydro Flask

What's hot?

Hydration continues to be a growing category for us, particularly insulated water bottles and particularly Hydro Flask. It is a category that now truly cuts across demographics and interests, and double-walled bottles are continuing to become a staple item for people that aren't necessarily hardcore outdoor enthusiasts.

The reason

People are trying to steer clear of disposable bottles and cups, of course. But they're also discovering the utility of keeping one vessel throughout the day—for coffee in the morning and water after that. Bottles are becoming a borderline fashion accessory.

Funkhouser just did something you don't hear about that often in the world of retail. 

What's not?

The hammock category is tough right now. And it's not, as you might suspect, all about seasonality. 

The reason

Three factors seem to be driving down sales:

  1. Everyone knows somebody that is starting a hammock brand. The category is getting very crowded as more and more brands are taking small pieces of the pie. This is leaving less market share for the brands that you already carry.
  2. Some of these news brands are undercutting the big guys on price in a big way. It's hard to innovate your way past the competition in this category, and adding cute prints isn't going to cut it.
  3. Distribution of hammocks at non-traditional retail environments like festivals and shows is becoming ubiquitous and watering down the market. 

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A retail success story

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