Elevator Pitch | Mountain Equipment's Redline Sleeping Bag

It's just you and Stephen Cann, owner of Mountain Equipment, in an elevator bound for the penthouse. Here's his 2-minute pitch on his new expedition sleeping bag, built with a complex array of baffles intended to maximize loft and warmth.
Mountain Equipment Redline sleeping bag

Mountain Equipment Redline sleeping bag

The pitch

We just revamped our entire down sleeping bag collection after considerable scientific research and lab testing combined with extensive field testing in some of the world’s most challenging conditions. 

Our product engineer, Matt Fuller actually holds a PhD from The University of Leeds in the use of down and has made the new Redline Sleeping Bag (800-fill power and comfortable down to -49ºF) to be the most efficient bag suitable for the coldest conditions. The Redline is constructed in a way that achieves peak thermal performance, compression resistance, migration control, and comfort. 

It includes a combination of baffle structures ranging from trapezoid baffles, to vertically aligned V-baffles, to slanted box-wall baffles that optimize and maintain loft. The outer shell fabric is the bag's first line of defense, so it’s made of Gore Thermium. Elasticized stitching in the baffles minimizes dead air space around the body pulling the fabric closer to the body and away from the down, allowing it to loft properly. The hood features seven separate baffles to make it more anatomically shaped, lighter, more thermally efficient, and easier to adjust. The Lode-Lock closure system reduces heat loss with an interlocking full length zip baffle and collar with a magnetic fastener for one-handed quick release and better heat efficiency. The footbox offers six baffles that reduce seam lines and overall weight by 20 percent compared to a traditional footbox. Our patented Bullseye and Sharks Toe design restricts down migration and offers a comfortable fit around the foot. 

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