Elevator Pitch | Paqsule Self-Cleaning Bag

Elevator Pitch | Paqsule Self-Cleaning Bag

You're in an elevator bound for the 92nd floor with Paqsule co-founder, Ravid Yosef. Here's his rap.

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If you workout or travel often, you know that your bag and gear can get a little smelly. So, we’ve created a bag that cleans itself and anything you put inside it with the push of a button. Meet Paqsule. Its revolutionary technology kills germs, bacteria and odors using UV-C and O3. That’s the same stuff NASA, professional sports teams and medical facilities have been using for years to sanitize and deodorize their equipment. What we’ve done is take that technology and make it compact enough to put in a bag, and take on the go. Paqsule is the ultimate bag for anyone on the move. Its innovative cleaning technology keeps you fresh as you crossover from fitness to work and travel. Paqsule’s carefully crafted design is both functional and fashionable - fully loaded with over 20 premium features and components. The sleek design includes a USB charging station, removable backpack straps, multifunctional features, superior organizational components and aluminum details.

The Paqsule Kickstarter campaign ends on April 18th. Check it out. 

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