Elevator Pitch | Crescent Moon's foam snowshoes

Elevator Pitch: Crescent Moon's all foam snowshoes

You're in an elevator bound for the 78th floor with Jake Thamm, president and co-founder of Crescent Moon Snowshoes. Here's his rap.

Elevator Pitch: Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon's new Eva All Foam Snowshoe // Photo: Courtesy

"My partner, Tamara Laug and I have developed a new kind of snowshoe. It’s made entirely of foam, floats like a butterfly and makes snowshoeing feel like walking on the moon. We've been making snowshoes for 20 years in Boulder, CO, but the Eva All-Foam snowshoe completely changes the traditional approach to snowshoeing and makes it better for everyone.

A few years ago, while out on a typical Boulder run, Tamara had an epiphany about making snowshoes more like running shoes and when she came back to the shop, she said “we need to make our snowshoes feel like this”.

So we began developing a snowshoe that looks, feels, and performs like the love child of a trail running shoe and a Blizzak snow tire. In the last 2 years our team of experts has been designing, testing, and finally prototyping the Eva All-Foam snowshoe. In January, 2017 we introduced it at the outdoor retail trade shows and Ski show and to our great surprise the Eva All-Foam was recognized with 7 different BEST GEAR OF SHOW awards from Outside Magazine, Gear Junkie, and many others including Men’s Journal who said “it was ranked No. 1 among the most important new products from the 2017 Winter Outdoor Retailer”.

The Eva All-Foam snowshoe is different in essentially every way from other snowshoes; it has no hinge, instead, it’s shaped like a rocker so your foot rolls from heel to toe. The Eva All-Foam snowshoe is nearly 2 inches thick and provides a comfortable, cushiony-like feel when it’s on your foot. 2 different layers of EVA form the platform and a 3rd, much harder material provides traction to give you that secure feeling when you’re walking on snow and icy terrain, and bounce, or rebound in every step."


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