Elevator Pitch | Aquabot

Elevator Pitch | Aquabot

You're in an elevator bound for the 73rd floor with Aquabot president and founder, Nick Rhea. Here's his rap.

Turn your bottle into a sprayer. // Photo: Courtesy

Turn your bottle into a sprayer. // Photo: Courtesy

Imagine this elevator gets stuck and we’re in here for hours. Because we have Aquabot we can keep cool, share water without spreading germs, irrigate any lacerations you get trying to open the electrical panel, rinse our hands after sharing an orange and have plenty of water left. That’s because Aquabot makes water usage more versatile and efficient by combining pressure with multiple spray patterns.

We’ve launched a new accessory on Kickstarter called Tube that attaches to Aquabot and combines the best of a hydration bladder with an Aquabot. You get a rigid bottle instead of a floppy bag, it’s easier to clean, water sprays into your mouth instead of having to suck and you can switch back to your bottle configuration anytime. Both configurations have shower, stream and mist patterns. Tube also has a magnet that makes for convenient access.

It’s a garden hose, kitchen faucet and shower in one and you only need to carry your water bottle.

We came up with the idea during a backpacking trip in Alaska. We were looking for a solution to make our water last longer when using our bottles for tasks other than drinking. We also didn’t want to carry any more gear. Aquabot definitely does that and more.

There are hundreds of applications for Aquabot. You can hydrate and cool pets, clean your kegerator, keep cool and hydrated at sporting events, clean dishes in your boat galley, clean your bike, take a shower, clean up after field dressing fish and game, use it as a bidet, put out fires, stoke fires, clean off sand after the beach, rinse saltwater off of gear and on and on.

Aquabots are available for $28 at www.lunatecgear.com and Tube is on Kickstarter for $12 or as a set for $30.

Campaign ends May 22nd.

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