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Ride the elevator with Richard Rhette, CEO and founder Sierra Madre Research.

Let me know if this sounds familiar? Your evening meal still warm in your belly, the campfire now turned to red smoldering ashes. You fall asleep with a peaceful smile on your face, just to awaken suddenly at 2 a.m. by the shivering cold. You become restless, your teeth begin chattering, and you just can't get warm. You’re miserable, freezing, rolling in and out of pitiful sleep knowing this is going to be a long, dreadful night.

There are options for getting warm. But so few of them actually include sleep. And isn’t that what you came here to do?

Now, imagine the same scenario. Only this time when you wake up cold at 2 a.m., you simply drift right back to sleep in a warm and toasty slumber, because instant warmth is at your fingertips with just the push of a button.

Black Sierra Madre Hot Pocket packed up

The Sierra Madre Hot Pocket is a heating pad and sleeping bag compression sack all in one.

We designed the Hot Pocket to be a multifunctional compression pack that doubles as a personal heater. So you’re able to pack, compress, and preheat your sleeping bag and then when you're ready to sleep just unzip the Hot Pocket to access its incredible warmth provided by two radiant heat panels.

The Hot Pocket is powered by a LiIon battery and provides up to 6 hours worth of heat, enough for a solid weekend of adventure anytime the temps start to drop. Hot Pocket is solar-compatible and the power pack can also be used to charge your devices.

Learn more on kickstarter. The campaign expires on May 2, 2019

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