HFB to offer light commercial cardio products, plus slew of accessories

This year’s Health and Fitness Business Expo is going to focus more on light commercial equipment, officials tell SNEWS, and this year’s trade show has new light commercial cardio equipment and a ton of accessories to choose from.

This year’s Health and Fitness Business Expo is going to focus more on light commercial equipment, officials tell SNEWS.


That's a good thing, given the trend of specialty fitness retailers outfitting schools, apartment complexes and businesses with their light commercial needs. Retailers tell SNEWS that both accessories and cardio equipment remain strong sellers and HFB has a slew of products in both categories to satisfy any retailer.

New cardio equipment

A few products that made their debut at IHRSA in March are bound to make a splah at HFB. SNEWS was able to test out Octane Fitness’ (H609) new LateralX lateral movement elliptical trainer (MSRP $6,999) back in March and we think this product is the next big thing in cardio.

The versatile product goes from vertical elliptical motion to a side-to-side motion that gives the body a more true-to-life workout and bodies don’t just go front to back in their daily movements.

StairMaster (H520) brings its Stepmill 3 to HFB (photo, right). The product was modeled after its commercial sister, StepMill 5, and has many of the same features in a smaller frame. It has an 8-foot minimum ceiling height, safety stop sensor at base of stairs, large LCD console, 6-inch step height, contact heart rate and a light commercial warranty.

Arizona-based fitness retailer At Home Fitness this year began selling its new 3G Cardio (H623) brand equipment and they’ll be premiering some of its new products at HFB, including the 3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Treadmill (MSRP $2,099). The product for runners and walkers can fold flat to the floor with a 9.75-inch total height. It has 60 inches of running surface length and a maximum speed of 11 miles per hour.

Representatives from the company expressed excitement at the thought of working with other retailers.

"We began selling the 3G Cardio line-up inside our At Home Fitness retail stores and had great success right out of the gate,” said 3G Fitness’ Bryan Dorkson. “A few other retailers began asking about the 3G Cardio line-up and it became apparent that we would have opportunities with other retailers.”

FMI (H921) will showcase its new light commercial Model T70 treadmill (MSRP $3,899), which has standard features like a backlit LCD display, personal fan, speakers, USB port and speed and elevation switches on mounted handrails, but features an oversized 22-inch by 60-inch belt that insures plenty of room for all types of runners.

New strength & vibration equipment

Though cardio remains popular, HFB will have offerings for both strength and vibration equipment.

From BodyCraft (H329) comes two new products: The Rowing Simulator (MSRP $1,299, photo, left) and the T2 Training Tower (MSRP $499, photo, right). The Rowing simulator uses a combination of air and eddy current resistance for a smooth simulation of water rowing and mimics real rowing in everything from foot placement to handlebar grip. The T2 Training Tower, said BodyCraft's Alan Gore, is a more affordable cousin to the company's popular T3 Life Tree. The Training Tower is for doing core exercises such as knee raises and other functional training moves, and in the place of the traditional padded back rest is a stability ball, which can be removed and used on the floor.

FMI will debut some new products in the strength category, including its new commercial Plate Load Leg Press (MSRP $1,999) and its new Plate Load T-Bar Row (MSRP $1,199, photo, left).

3G Cardio brings three vibration trainers to HFB, including the entry-level 3G Cardio AVT 3.0 (MSRP $2,499), AVT 5.0 (MSRP $3,999) and the AVT 6.0 (MSRP $4,999).

General Leathercraft (H344) will bring its new Serius 3G Triceps straps (MSRP $40, photo, right) to the market. The made-in-the-U.S.A. product offers three grip positions that cause muscle confusion to your triceps, leading to a more diverse workout.

Hyperwear (H300) brings back its FIT (for men) and SXY (for women) 5-pound weighted vests, designed with a more flattering fit than other weighted vests. The FIT features a fit similar to compression apparel, and the SXY is a stylish scoop neck number for women. Both products are MSRP $130 and have space for booster weights.

New accessories and apps

During our weekly SNEWS Qs interviews with fitness retailers, we have found that in addition to the ever-growing popularity of cardio products, accessories are also great sellers. 

GoFit (H615) is bringing a slew of new accessories to HFB this year, including its Wall Ball Medicine Balls (MSRP $70 for 12-pound ball, MSRP $90 for 16-pound ball and MSRP $100 for 20-pound ball, photo, right), which are commonly used in hugely popular CrossFit workouts.

Yoga remains a popular workout of choice for many people, and GoFit brings its new Double Thick Yoga Mat (MSRP $30, photo, left) which is 7-millimeters thick, closed cell foam that is great for yoga and Pilates workouts on hard surfaces such as cement or tile. Plus, the company brings everything else from its Wood Plyoboxes (MSRP $60-$100) to a new Pro Cable Jump Rope (MSRP $30).

Instability training has been on the rise for years now — Louis Stack has been offering products since the boom began and this year is no different. Fitter International (H318) will bring its new Bongo Boards (MSRP $130, photo, right) for individuals who want to train for their board sports, and even those who want to improve athleticism for all sports.

If those accessories don’t do it for your customers, perhaps wearing slimming undergarments will. It’s a good thing new exhibitor AB7 (H324) is bringing just that to the trade show floor this year in the form of its Slim & Go products. The offerings include the Slim & Go Belt and Corrective Panty (photo, left). The company said the products slim, shape and moisturize your body, plus it’s comfortable, reusable and washable. Washing won’t take away the products’ effectiveness, either.

If your customers might not believe the Slim & Go hype, the company also offers some pain-relieving products in its So Calm wraps for the knee, ankle, abdomen, wrist and elbow areas.

Bodyguard Fitness (H813) will spread the word about its imagine iPad app, which can be downloaded free from the Apple App store. The app allows users to attach their iPad to their Bodyguard Treadmill to turn their console into an entertainment center. It controls your equipment and allows you to customize display and log your workouts under various user IDs (so multiple users can take advantage).


But some customers prefer to tape up their injuries and potential injuries and that's where KT Tape (#36055) comes in handy. The company, which will be upstairs at InterBike, will showcase its popular athletic tape made even more popular by U.S. Olympic beach volleyball star Kerri Walsh, that's used for common sports injuries.

To plan out your day at HFB, and your visit upstairs to Interbike, visit HFB’s website.

--Ana Trujillo



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