Wicked Good Copy & Communications Sets Sights on Global Domination

Best copywriter ever starts brand new firm.

Nevada City, CA. December 15, 2010 –Wicked Good Copy & Communications launched this week, unleashing its creative fury and verbal virtuosity for clients around the country.

Delivering copy that actually gets read, Wicked Good’s team has a proven record of communicating brands and ideas on the web, in print, across the blogosphere – anyplace letters can cluster together to form words.

The Wicked Good team consists of Mike Mooers and – that’s it. Just him. Mooers: “Team? It’s under development. We’re looking at hiring the Guy Not At OR, we like his style, but right now 'we' is just me, but I’m wicked, wicked good.”

Mooers has been writing copy for a quarter-century, has a strong background in the outdoor and snowsports industries, but is versatile and creative enough to handle the copy curveballs that come from all sectors of the client realm.

 Cowboy boots, film festivals, baked goods, mortgage software, jeans, groceries and food, tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags. Arts organizations, news organizations, community organizations, environmental organizations. For profits, and non-profits: Mooers has nailed communications needs for all of them.

“Each brand has voice, each audience has a specific way of taking in information, and each piece of communication has a goal – be it to sell, to educate, or to create awareness. My work is crafted to meet those specifics – each time it’s different, different in a way that works,” says Mooers.

Words That Talk - that's Wicked Good's mantra.

So is he really wicked good? Creative? Relatable?

Fun? Unafraid? Clear? A ROCK STAR???

Let the clients testify –

  • Sally McCoy, CEO at CamelBak: “He is witty, unafraid to take a risk, and yet he communicates clearly in his writing. He can change tone depending upon who his audience is and, most importantly, can take feedback and start over if necessary.”
  • Stephanie LePow, Senior Marketing Manager at Ellie Mae: “Mike writes copy that’s smart, engaging and edgy–but that never sounds like marketing spin. His writing is relatable and fun to read and perhaps more importantly, he’s fun to work with. He’s a rockstar writer with zero attitude…I highly recommend him.”
  • From Michael Hodgson at SNEWS: “ Mike put into play organization and structure around our marketing and pr strategies going forward that proved very, very useful.Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative.”
  • From Shannon Walton at Schoeller Textiles: “Mike is creative, has very high integrity, and can relate to many people, places, and ideas. His understanding of language and professionalism made it easy to trust him to get the difficult technical bits correct. He did a great job for us. It was fun and very little stress to work with Mike and he does do great work.”
  • From the Guy Not At OR at Not At OR: “Dude’s cool. Smart and handsome, too. I’d hire him if I had some cash.”
  • From Mike Mooers at Wicked Good Copy & Communications: “I’m wicked, wicked good. Hire me.”

Wicked Good Copy just launched their website – wickedgoodcopy.com – taking the technological and marketing leap into the mid-1990’s. Visit it by clicking here, and reach The Team here.

About Wicked Good Copy & Communications: Wicked Good Copy was founded a week ago in the Sierra Foothills town of Nevada City – which is not in Nevada, btw. They write creative, tailored copy for a variety of businesses and non-profits. Mike Mooers leads a team – actually it’s just him – with over two decades in delivering words that work for their (his) clients. He is more than willing to write for money.