Vasque Trail Team Post Strong Weekend Results

The season is just beginning and the enthusiastic Vasque Trail Team is already posting podium finishes.

The season is just beginning and the enthusiastic Vasque Trail Team is already posting podium finishes!

Seattle-based Krissy Moehl traveled to the mountains of North Carolina this past weekend to compete in the Mount Mitchell Challenge. The race, in its thirteenth year, hosts approximately 300 runners and includes a marathon and 40 mile challenge. This year, due to deep snow at higher elevations, the Challenge was reduced to 34 miles. Despite the course change, Moehl persevered and won the women's division with a time of 5 hours and 10 minutes.

“Mt Mitchell was a fun opportunity to sneak in an early season race and see where I was training wise,” says Moehl. “Surprise winter conditions challenged race director Jay Curwen to come up with a new route to get us to the Mount Mitchell summit. I was a little bummed to miss out on the trails, but enjoyed the opportunity to be at the highest point east of the Mississippi.”

Adding to a stellar race weekend, team newcomer, Keri Nelson, of Gunnison, CO, traveled north of the border and strapped on her snowshoes for the World Snowshoe Invitational and Canadian Championships. The competition, held at Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, BC, was a joint effort by the US Snowshoe Association and Yeti Mountain Snowshoe Series to show worldwide interest for the sport, in hopes of eventually having snowshoe racing included in the Winter Games.

More than 100 racers representing nine countries participated in the event. After a hard fought battle in the 10k race, Nelson was edged out of the women's division lead by Maria Grazia Roberti of Italy. Nelson crossed the line in second place.

“We went back and forth and, in the end Roberti took the lead, but I'm happy with a solid performance” says Nelson. “It was a great race, and I thoroughly enjoyed being in Vancouver with some of the best athletes in the world.”

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