Vasque Posts Strong Results at Leadville Trail Marathon

Outdoor footwear manufacturer Vasque is pleased to announce impressive finishes by the company’s Colorado-based athletes last weekend at the Leadville Trail Marathon.

Outdoor footwear manufacturer Vasque is pleased to announce impressive finishes by the company's Colorado-based athletes last weekend at the Leadville Trail Marathon. Returning 2008 Leadville 100-mile champion, Duncan Callahan, of Gunnison, finished the race in third with a competitive time of 3:49:47. Close behind Callahan finishing fifth place with a time of 3:58:57, was Boulder-based and nationally acclaimed trail marathoner, Bryan Dayton, who won last year's Leadville Heavy ½ Marathon.

The Leadville Trail Marathon takes place at 10,200 feet with an elevation gain and loss of 5,500 feet and is considered one of the most difficult trail races in the country. “I felt great throughout the entire race. This area is becoming a second home for me,” Callahan says. This is Callahan's fifth podium finish of the season after a stellar first-place finish at the Moab 100. This has also been a successful season for Dayton who recently won the highest road race, the Mt. Evans Ascent, which leads up the mountain's 14,264 foot summit.

Leadville makes for great racing terrain and offers an outstanding testing ground for new footwear technology. Putting Vasque models through the paces, both Callahan and Dayton triumphed in the Transistor FS, a new trail runner scheduled to make its debut at retail this January.

The Transistor FS is a unique, low profile shoe that provides exceptional comfort and support. The technology, which is being patented, utilizes the Immerse 360 last which puts equal emphasis on the bottom of the foot, the area that takes the most impact from the terrain. Molded from the last, the Waveform S/C midsole has a matching contoured surface that mirrors the foot's overall shape, with constant support that won't diminish over time though Vasque-specific cushioning mechanisms. The complete system, which eliminates the need for an insole, is referred to as the FootSync Fit System.

“I love the low profile of the shoe. I can really feel the trail yet there is enough heel support to stand long distances,” shares Dayton. “The foot bed is awesome and the elimination of the insole is a great idea. Insoles have a tendency to move around so it is one less thing I have to worry about out on the trail. The shoe is ideal for both trails and some roads and shine on the descents. This will be my race shoe for sure.”

"The shoes performed wonderfully on all surfaces,” states Callahan. “I consider this a great 'transition shoe,' meaning the lower profile and the lower weight allows them to work wonderfully on all surfaces from road, to dirt road, to gravel, to epic single-track, and everything in between,” continues Callahan. "The 'lower profile' nature of the shoe means you are riding lower to the ground and that increases stability tremendously - allowing you to fly over rough and challenging technical terrain, especially on the downhills!”

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For over 40 years, Vasque has crafted high-quality, performance-driven footwear for the outdoor market with a line that includes specialized footwear for trail running, crossover, hiking, backpacking, alpine pursuits and kids. With an unyielding commitment to innovation, Vasque focuses on fit and world-class performance as the core pillars in every product they produce. Company product-testing takes place through a team of exceptional athletes who report directly from trails all over the world, resulting in product that withstands the test of time and the hardest conditions and wear. To illustrate the “Vasque Fit” story, the company has brought on the Master of Fit™ to narrate, in a series of videos, exactly what it takes to become an award-winning footwear manufacturer.

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