Tentsile Innovates with the SkyPad, an Inflatable Dual-Chamber Camping Pad


London, England (September 2016): Continuing to elevate design innovation, Tentsile, builders of portable tree tents, introduces the SkyPad. The SkyPad is developed partnership with Klymit, a comfort innovator in advanced outdoor technology. SkyPad is an inflatable dual chamber camping pad, featuring thermal insulation and a non-slip base for a warm and cozy night’s sleep. Designed to fit all of Tentsile tents and hammocks, the SkyPad slots neatly into each model. MSRP: $120, www.tentsile.com.

“The SkyPad is the ultimate sleeping pad in terms of both quality and design,” said Alex Shirley-Smith CEO of Tentsile. “We were seeking a way to provide year-round insulation to our tree camping experience and through our collaboration with Klymit, we have managed to developed a design that allows users to sleep on a cloud of air that floats above the ground!”

“We experimented with various designs but ultimately settled in on a weld shape that mimics the Tentsile logo,” shared Matthew Maxfield, vice president of development and operations at Klymit. “The unique design also allows for 
the pad to flex in both directions so that it conforms nicely to the body and provides a comfortable and stable sleeping surface within the tents.”

SkyPad copy copylow
SkyPad product shot

Whether for the keeping backs warmer during those cold winter months, or just that extra bit of comfort, SkyPad is an excellent adventure accessory. Clip two or three together using the built-in snaps for even more stability and support. Additionally, the SkyPad can be used in all other tents or hammocks.

About Tentsile:

Discover the future of camping with Tentsile, portable tree houses that combine the comfort and versatility of a hammock with the security and multi-person occupancy of a tent. Inspired by their love of trees and the Ewok village from Star Wars, Tentsile is the ideal low-impact portable shelter. The unique design allows groups of people to enjoy the experience of camping amongst the trees, or suspended just above the ground for increased separation from insects, predators, damp or uneven ground. For each tent they sell, Tentsile plants three new trees with partner organizations WeForest and The Eden Project. Both of these international non-profits promote pioneering movements in large-scale sustainable reforestation and poverty alleviation initiatives. Tentsile is an award-winning brand, a recipient of the 2015/2016 ISPO Brand New Award as well as the German Design Council’s gold award for ground-breaking design in the sports, outdoor activities and leisure field.

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About Klymit:

Klymit is a company based in Centerville, Utah that challenges traditional approaches to the conception and fabrications of outdoor goods. Klymit was conceived under the idea that the experience of outdoor enthusiasts can be enhanced with new technologies that produce comfortable, lightweight, and rugged products through comfort innovation.