Teko® Introduces New Cycling and Running Socks for Spring 2008

EcoMerino™ and Ecopoly™ take Teko to new levels, literally, with the introduction of many bold new colors in their low and micro height cycling and running socks.

EcoMerinoâ„¢ and Ecopolyâ„¢ take Teko to new levels, literally, with the introduction of many bold new colors in their low and micro height cycling and running socks. These high performance socks are made with the Teko promise of the best performing socks with the least environmental impact.

New EcoMerino™ Ultralight Micros and Ecopoly™ Lows – available in both men's and women's styles with a colorful twist! Socks will be available early 2008 in colors such as Wasabi, Lymon, Storm, and Navy to name a few. Teko's NEW EcoMerino Ultralight Micros are pure performance…this new streamlined style has no terry cushioning while the Ecopoly lows are lightly cushioned on the bottom of the foot. Both styles are perfect for the most demanding runner, cyclist, or hiker.

All Teko socks have the following features:
•Highest needle count allows for unmatched durability
•Ecopoly is extended beyond toe seam for added abrasion resistance
•Flat Lin Toe® creates a flat virtually seamless toe seam
•Y-gore heel for articulated fit
•Made in the USA
•Completely powered by clean American Wind®

Teko's EcoMerinoâ„¢ wool is the finest wool available, making the best wool socks.
•No herbicides. No Pesticides
•Super soft and Naturally temperature regulating
•No chlorine shrink resistant treatment
•Dyes with no heavy metals
•Raised on one holistic and sustainable farm in Tasmania
•Extremely durable - ours is the longest fiber in the industry - 20mm above industry average
•If you are only going to buy one sock, this is the one!!

Ecopolyâ„¢ 100% recycled polyester sock
•Great moisture transfer makes them perfect for wet conditions
•Super soft, extremely durable, and high performing
•Ideal socks for cycling, running, and hiking
•Teko recycled polyester is made from 100% post consumer (pop bottles).
•Although Teko's yarn comes from recycled materials you will find the performance and softness of Teko socks exceeds most competitors' socks.

About Teko Socks:
Best socks on the planet. Best socks for the planet.™ Based in Boulder, CO, Teko® began its journey with the belief that high performance outdoor products can be made without leaving a heavy impact on our ecology. This is best expressed by Teko's “No Compromise” commitment to sustainability. Using only high performance fibers and sound manufacturing processes, Teko ensures their products exemplify the sustainable philosophy of placing equal importance on People, Planet, and Profit. Their product line features environmentally sound materials, such as Organic Supima® Cotton, Ecopoly™ recycled polyester and EcoMerino™ Wool. Teko buys wind energy credits to ensure that 100% of the electricity used in manufacturing and operations is put back into the energy grid from clean, sustainable American Wind.

Phone: 800-450-5784, email: info@tekosocks.com, website: www.tekosocks.com