Get Green for Earth Day with Teko® Socks

This Earth Day, Teko and four leading specialty stores are teaming up to encourage customers to take alternative transportation to get to one of their great stores.

This Earth Day, Teko and four leading specialty stores (Lassens Natural Foods, Mast General Store, Uncle Dan's, and Whole Foods) are teaming up to encourage customers to take alternative transportation, such as biking, walking, and taking the bus, to get to one of these great stores. They understand this is not always possible. Teko, therefore, is providing carbon offsets for the customers driving to all these stores Earth Day weekend. Teko will purchase enough third-party-certified, carbon offsets from the Chicago Climate Exchange for the fuel emissions from these cars.

What are Carbon Offsets?
Burning Fossil Fuels (gas for your car; coal for power plants for your electricity) all create Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases (GHG) that contribute to global warming. Buying Carbon Offsets means you're supporting projects that actively reduce GHG emissions. Examples of certified carbon offsets are from dairy farms in Wisconsin and tree farms that are carbon positive because of agricultural practices, like the farm where Teko wool comes from.

How did we determine how many carbon credits to buy?
Teko worked with each retailer to come up with estimates for the number of cars (and their roundtrip mileage) that will visit their store Earth Day weekend. From this info, Teko could then calculate the approximate tons of CO2 that will be produced. One key retailer estimated the majority of their customers will walk or take alternative transportation, so Teko offered to buy offsets to cover the electricity and natural gas used in the store over the weekend. The goal of the promotion is increase awareness of ways individuals can lessen their environmental impact by using less fuel and/or energy.

Teko feels it's important to take care of the outdoors that we all enjoy. Actively reducing CO2 emissions is an important part in decreasing our environmental impact. Please visit Teko ( and these participating dealers to find a store location near you and learn more about what you can do such as planting a tree and using alternative transportation.

To learn more about the Chicago Climate Exchange and carbon offsets, please visit:

About Teko Socks:
Teko Socks: Best socks on the planet. Best socks for the planet. Based in Boulder, CO, Teko™ began its journey with the belief that high performance outdoor products can be made without leaving a heavy impact on our ecology. This is best expressed by Teko's “No Compromise” commitment to sustainability. Using only high performance fibers and sound manufacturing processes, Teko ensures their products exemplify the sustainable philosophy of placing equal importance on People, Planet, and Profit. Their product line features environmentally sound materials, such as EcoMerino™ wool, Ingeo™ corn-based fiber, Ecopoly™ recycled polyester and Organic Cotton. Teko buys wind energy credits to ensure that 100% of the electricity use in manufacturing and operations get put back into the energy grid from clean, sustainable American Wind.

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