Superfeet Assumes Direct Responsibility for European Distribution

Insole Company Opens New UK Operations Center in Edinburgh, Scotland

FERNDALE, WA – Starting July 2, 2012 Superfeet Worldwide Inc. assumes responsibility for all its European distribution through a new operations center in Edinburgh, Scotland. Superfeet will also begin distributing its products and systems directly to retailers in the UK and Ireland.

The UK expansion is the next phase of the insole company’s ongoing plan to support its European distributors and increase its global presence. Superfeet President Bill McLean says, “We understand that closer contact with our customers is worthy of an investment and is vital to our growth. Europe has become a very significant market for Superfeet and we are directing more resources to it in order to achieve our full potential.”

Nine new positions have been created to run the UK facility, which will have the support of the staff at the company’s American headquarters. McLean believes the expansion will allow Superfeet to improve management of its growing European business, and will create opportunities to take advantage of expansion into new countries and markets.

Superfeet’s former European distributor, Anatom, will continue to grow their other brands, including Teko socks and Anatom footwear. McLean recognizes Superfeet’s 18-year relationship with Anatom, saying, “We appreciate what Anatom has done to build the Superfeet brand in the UK, Ireland and Europe. We can assure our stakeholders that we are further committing ourselves to the UK and Irish markets through this investment.”

Superfeet Worldwide UK Limited joins Superfeet Canada Inc. as a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of Superfeet Worldwide Inc., and is located at Unit 12, A1 Industrial Park, 232 Sir Harry Lauder Road, Edinburgh EH15 2QA. UK retailers and European distributors can contact Mr. Steven Baynes, European Operations Manager, at or Mr. James Clark, Key Accounts Manager, at with any questions or concerns.



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