Summit Hut Community Initiatives

Summit Hut, in Tucson Arizona, has implemented a “100 days of Service” community service program, an alternative transportation program for staff & a bag refusal program for shoppers who decline a bag with purchases.

As a retailer that promotes human-powered outdoors and adventure experiences, Summit Hut understands the importance of protecting and preserving our environment. This understanding informs every aspect of our business. In May of 2009, Summit Hut completed the implementation of a Greenbacks program that was developed by an internal team to highlight and increase the things we as a company were doing to promote awareness of the environment. Along with things we have been doing for years, (see our entire Environmental Values statement) including having our stores' energy usage offset by wind power since 2005, we established three new programs as the centerpieces of our efforts.

First, and foremost, we established a program called “100 Days of Service” in which we have donated 100 days of our staff's time to volunteer with local non-profit organizations. We are currently working with organizations such as the Sky Island Alliance, the Pima Trails Association and the Tucson Audubon Society. Through this program, staff members are able to take a paid day off to volunteer with these organizations doing everything from trail maintenance and wildlife surveys to office work.

Second, to encourage the use of alternative transportation, we have established an incentive for staff members who use either human-powered or public transportation to get to work. Since the program was initiated in early March we have had over 700 round trip commutes using alternative transportation.

Finally, we have also started a decline a bag program. When shoppers make a purchase at either of our Tucson stores, they are given the option to take a bag for their products or decline that bag. If they decline the bag they are given a token which they can put into a container corresponding to a local charity. Currently the options are the Sky Island Alliance and Inner City Outings. These tokens represent a donation from Summit Hut for the cost of the bag (5 cents) that will be made to the selected charity. Since the program started we have saved over eight thousand bags from being used.

These initiatives and others that we have had in place are our way of doing our part to protect the natural world that we are so passionate about.

ABOUT Summit Hut

Summit Hut is a locally owned hiking, camping and travel store based in Tucson, Arizona. Dave Baker opened the first Summit Hut location as a senior in high school in 1969, after he and a friend sold backpacking and mountaineering equipment out if his home. Baker bought out his friend's interest in the company, and the Summit Hut has been locally owned and operated for 40 years, now with two Tucson locations, Speedway at Rosemont and Wetmore Rd. at 1st Ave.


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