Snow Peak GigaPower Stove Wins Backpacker Magazine's Editors' Choice Gold Award


Portland, OR – March 3, 2015 – Snow Peak, the innovative outdoor lifestyle company, is pleased to announce that their GigaPower Stove received Backpacker Magazine’s prestigious Editors’ Choice Gold Award.


The Editors’ Choice Award is given annually to products in recognition of their outstanding innovation in design, materials and performance. All winners must excel under extensive field-testing conducted by Backpacker’s team of editors. The Editors’ Choice Gold Award is bestowed on manufacturers whose products have sustained best-in-show performance for more than five years.

“We did lots of side-by-side testing of stoves in this weight and price range, and the Snow Peak GigaPower came out tops,” said Backpacker Gear Editor Kristin Hostetter. “When a penny-pinching reader or friend asks for a good stove recommendation, this is the one I steer them to.”

Launched in 1998, the GigaPower Stove is a compact, powerful and reliable backpacking stove, that has been one of Snow Peak’s most popular and trusted stove models year after year. A four-prong pot support and a patented inverted cup, giving the micro burner a wide, even flame and incredible flame control, sets the GigaPower apart from other similar stoves on the market.

“The GigaPower was a flagship product as we launched the Snow Peak brand to the US market in 1998,” said Nate Borne, general manager at Snow Peak. “When a 17-year-old product is still winning awards, you know you have something special.”

The complete list of Backpacker’s 2015 Editors’ Choice Award winners will be officially announced in the magazine’s April Gear Guide issue, on newsstands next week.

About Snow Peak

Snow Peak’s journey began in 1958, when its founder Yukio Yamai, an accomplished Japanese mountaineer, created his own line of superior gear out of the dissatisfaction with available products.

Yamai ‘s natural inspiration came from his life in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. A range of mountains that rise up to an altitude of 1000m form a wall on the boundary between Niigata and Fukushima prefectures, and the rivers and streams born from the peaks and valleys flow out to the East Japan Sea. It is this place that inspired Yukio, and to this day continues to inspire all of the products that come from Snow Peak.

Today we strive to create products that inspire people to enjoy the outdoors, we seek harmony between people and nature, and we look to manufacturer with such high quality standards that you may pass on your equipment to the next generation. This is where all of our designs are born.