SNEWS Adds Sally Grimes to List of Power Players

SNEWS Adds Sally Grimes to List of Power Players

Boise, Idaho-The Winter 2009 edition of SNEWS lists Executive Director of the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition’s (OIWC), Sally Grimes as a “Power Player.” The two new annual lists recognize those in the industry who demonstrated power and influence in the industry, in business and its growth in 2008 -- click here to read articles.

Mary Margaret Sloan, President of OIWC, said, “The board of directors of OIWC is so pleased that SNEWS is publicly celebrating what we've known for quite some time -- that Sally Grimes, is a true power player. Hers is a graceful power, one infused with both humility and creativity.”

SNEWS looked at all business sectors -- retailers, manufactures and sales representatives -- searching for those with clout irrespective of their tenure; someone being talked about or someone who should be talked about. Hundreds of candidates were considered by the SNEWS editorial team. Two lists were created, the first outlines ten industry leaders and the second is fifteen deemed by SNEWS as those who also should be watched.

Sally Grimes, Executive Director of OIWC, said, “It is humbling to be included in this list of outdoor industry influencers. In truth, though, I don’t feel like this recognition is about me as much as it’s about OIWC and the hundreds of women who make our work possible, and who paved the way before me. I am only able to help move OIWC along because of the wisdom, support and guidance of our volunteers. The outdoor industry is lucky to have such amazing women in its ranks.”

About OIWC

Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC), a 501(c) 6 non-profit corporation is a membership community of professionals in the Outdoor Industries. The OIWC is focused on providing power, influence, professional development and opportunity in the outdoor related businesses and to generate champions to inspire other women. To learn more about the OIWC online member community or to become a new member or sponsor, please visit




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