Sierra Club Launches First iPhone App for Earth Day

Eco-Heroes Go Mobile: Sierra Club Launches First iPhone App for Earth Day.

Eco-Heroes Go Mobile: Sierra Club Launched First iPhone App for Earth Day

San Francisco, CA: As part of the lead-up to the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, Sierra Club is launching its first iPhone application to give users the ability to become an "Eco Hero" by pledging to do something green. Users will be able to see who is doing what for the environment with a map feature. This will encourage people to share the application and challenge their friends to pledge through Facebook, Twitter and email.

Developed for the Sierra Club by MobileFeat, users who download the

Sierra Club Eco Heroes application will be entered to win 5 nights at

the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows with roundtrip airfare for 2

and a full day tour to Volcanoes National Park with Hawaii Forest and

Trail. To enter the drawing, users will be asked to make a pledge to

become an Eco Hero and can choose from 5 green pledges, such as a

pledge to bike to work, or bring a re-usable bag to the supermarket.

The map and Top States tab let people compete with other states, and

challenge their friends.

"We're always looking for new ways to engage people who want to do

something positive for the environment," said Michael Brune, Executive

Director of the Sierra Club. "We know that people are more likely to

take action if a) it is convenient and b) they can see results in an

interactive way. We hope this is the first of many times

we'll use new mobile technology to engage the public."

In addition to the iPhone app, the Sierra Club has also launched a

web-version of the Earth Day pledge, with a map that displays where

people are pledging to go green. People who pledge on the website will

also be entered to win the trip to Hawaii. The web-version can be accessed here.

To learn more about the technology behind the new Eco Hero iPhone app, please visit MobileFeat.