SCARPA North America to serve as fulfillment center for EDELRID

EDELRID sales and service will be handled in house by sales service coordinator located in Boulder, Colo.

BOULDER, Colo.– Beginning in January 2013, SCARPA North America will serve as the North American warehouse and fulfillment center for EDELRID, the German-based manufacturer of ropes and other climbing equipment. Sales and customer service will continue to be handled by EDELRID, via a sales service coordinator who will be located on site at the distribution center in Boulder, Colo.

 Based in Germany, where more than 60 percent of its production takes place, EDELRID builds ropes, carabiners, climbing harnesses, helmets and a variety of other climbing, recreation, safety and industrial gear. A well-known brand in Europe with 150 years of ropemaking experience, EDELRID has been growing sales in North America for the last two years. Partnering with SCARPA North America for warehousing and order fulfillment will help the brand continue to grow in the U.S. and Canada by improving responsiveness and customer service for its retailers, said Carsten von Birckhahn, Brand Manager for EDELRID.

 SCARPA North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Italian footwear manufacturer SCARPA. It distributes the SCARPA brand in North America, along with several other European brands whose products complement SCARPA’s product mix, and contributes to research and design of SCARPA products for the North American market. It is headquartered in Boulder, Colo., with its distribution operations located on site.

 Kim Miller, CEO of SCARPA North America, said the collaboration with EDELRID is part of SCARPA North America’s strategy of leveraging the efficiencies and maximizing the year-round capacity of SCARPA North America’s Distribution Center in Boulder. It is difficult to find creative ways to increase efficiencies and profitability of the distribution and logistical side of a business like SCARPA North America. The agreement to work as the distribution and fulfillment center for EDELRID is an opportunity to maximize capacity and reduce costs while working with a high quality, complementary and like-minded brand. The fact that SCARPA North America is working as EDELRID's distribution and fulfillment center speaks to the success of SCARPA establishing its own distribution center adjacent to its offices more than four years ago, Miller said.

For EDELRID retailer inquires in North America, please contact Moritz Brack in Boulder, Colo., at (888) 326-7650 or

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Founded in 1938, SCARPA builds performance footwear for climbing, hiking, skiing, mountaineering, trail running and other outdoor pursuits from its headquarters in Asolo, Italy. SCARPA has been owned and operated by the Parisotto family since 1956. In 2005, SCARPA opened its North American headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, staffed and directed by veterans of the North American outdoor industry, to oversee sales, marketing and distribution in the U.S., Canada and South America. For more information about SCARPA footwear, visit