Samsonite OutLab launches 2008 Winter Collections

Following the successful global launch of its Outdoor summer collection, Samsonite OutLab once again combines its technical know-how and flair for stylish design by introducing two new special winter collections

London, January 2008. Following the successful global launch of its Outdoor summer collection, Samsonite OutLab once again combines its technical know-how and flair for stylish design by introducing two new special winter collections within its offer of performance, lifestyle travel bags.

Samsonite has always been at the heart of the true adventurer. In 1910, when the company was founded, travel was for the brave and the intrepid – true explorers. The company's products reflected the harsh realities of travel in those days. That idea of exploration is at the heart of the latest initiative in the outdoor offer under the name of Samsonite OutLab.

To emphasize and reinforce this commitment to creating innovative, stylish and highly technical outdoor products, Samsonite OutLab has teamed up with Jeremy Jones, known for his legendary big mountain riding, to develop and test its most technical winter collection – X+Winter.

“Samsonite is well known for its travel and design expertise so working with the brand was a natural decision. I wanted to be part of creating a high quality performance range that I would actually use and know will work in the elements,” Jeremy Jones said of the partnership. Jones knows the dangers and the perils of the extreme mountain conditions and just what the explorer needs, and Samsonite OutLab has the technical knowledge and skills to fulfill that need. Jeremy Jones will join Samsonite OutLab at the ISPO Winter in January 2008, to present the 2008 winter offer.

Samsonite OutLab combines the brand's 97 years of heritage, unrivalled travel expertise and outdoor experience to develop innovative and technical collections. The new lines bring modern outdoor design, contemporary style and unrivalled functionality to life. Combining these principles, Samsonite OutLab offers two new winter ranges for 2008:

X+ Winter Series – Technical and serious, ideal for the explorer who prefers to set off the beaten track and explore the mountain and its limits with ease. A technically innovative collection of bags and packs designed for active adventure-seekers providing them with reliable bags, essential for taking on the outdoors and all its elements. For example, a very versatile board bag will provide ultimate protection for board or skis and at that the same time storage for weekends in the powder with its detachable duffle. There is also a unique sled bag with miniature skis on its back for easy mobility even on snow and ice.

Median Winter – Tough and stylish, ideal for outdoor sport enthusiasts and everyday urban jungle explorers. The Median Winter collection takes the modern city dweller to the ski slopes in its new winter styles and colors featuring everything you need on the mountain from backpacks, duffle bags and wheeled duffle bags. Stylish snowboard/ski bags will complete the winter look and bring amazing practicality on any winter excursion.

Also available are the specialized outdoor/active lifestyle collections:

Sloth – A highly contemporary collection of organic soft shapes, Sloth is a water and slash resistant collection using innovative construction techniques such as Superfabric® and reversibility; designed for the more extreme outdoors traveller.

MOAB – Mobile Outdoor Active Bags. A statement collection of hybrid packs offering a rugged hard shell bottom with a lightweight functional soft top, for anyone wanting to combine a casual and sporty lifestyle.

The Samsonite OutLab collections are available in a variety of styles to include daypacks, outdoor backpacks, laptop backpacks, duffels, wheeled duffels and messenger bags.

The Samsonite OutLab team consists of a dedicated design and marketing team based in London (UK) and Boston (USA), headed up by Samsonite's Creative Director Quentin Mackay. Assembled from around the world, each has years of design and outdoor travel experience. This has ensured the range understands the needs of today's explorers and delivers unrivalled design and strength. In addition, to great design credentials, the collections have undergone Samsonite's rigorous series of tests to ensure their quality and durability to include tumble, drop, handle, wheel, lock and zipper tests.

Samsonite Creative Director, Quentin Mackay, commented, “In the days before television, travel was a true adventure and those who undertook it were brave, well prepared, strong and tough – they were real explorers. It is these founding principles of travel that have provided Samsonite with the insight, knowledge and experience to design the ultimate outdoor travel solutions for today's explorers – Samsonite OutLab.

To support Samsonite OutLab's 2008 collections, a wide ranging communication plan will be launched with global public relations and advertising campaigns across key titles. Samsonite OutLab will also launch its new website –, where you will find descriptions on all our products, news and events.

Samsonite is also an active member of the European Outdoor Group who envisions and strives to attain a cohesive European industry, a healthier consumer and an environment where everyone can participate in outdoor sports and of the Outdoor Industry Association USA, who seeks to ensure the growth and success of the Outdoor Industry.


Available September 2008

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Samsonite is the worldwide leader in superior travel bags, luggage and accessories, combining notable style with the latest design technology and the utmost attention to quality and durability. Utilising top designer expertise from around the globe, Samsonite creates unparalleled products that fulfil the travel and lifestyle needs of the sophisticated traveller. For 97 years, Samsonite has continued to build upon its rich design heritage. Samsonite markets products under the Samsonite, Samsonite Black Label, Samsonite Outlab, Lambertson Truex, American Tourister, Lacoste and Timberland brands. Samsonite. Life's a journey.

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Samsonite OutLab combines Samsonite's 97 years of heritage, unrivalled travel expertise and technical know-how with an unbeatable depth of expertise from the outdoor world. Modern outdoor design, contemporary style and unrivalled functionality and technical details ensure a unique signature. Aimed at today's everyday and professional explorer; Samsonite OutLab marries Samsonite's heritage of equipping early explorers and adventurers, applying these values and experience with modern-day travel expertise to deliver an unrivalled choice in travel outdoor performance and lifestyle bags.