Samsonite OutLab Announces the Promotion of Fabrice Faurie

London, April 2008. Samsonite OutLab is very pleased to announce that Fabrice Faurie has been promoted to the position of Global Marketing Director Outdoor.

London, April 2008. Samsonite OutLab is very pleased to announce that Fabrice Faurie has been promoted to the position of Global Marketing Director Outdoor.

Fabrice Faurie joined Samsonite on January 8, 2007 to oversee the development of its new outdoor brand, Samsonite OutLab. Samsonite OutLab combines the brand's 98 years of heritage, unrivalled travel expertise and outdoor experience to develop innovative and technical collections. The new lines bring modern outdoor design, contemporary style and unrivalled functionality to life.

Fabrice, who holds both a Bachelor in Business Law and an MBA from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, has also had extensive experience working in business and product development notably in the outdoor and sports industry. Before Samsonite, he worked for Camelbak as International Product Manager as well as European Sales Manager, where he helped develop the brand in international markets with strong marketing programs and product innovation. Faurie also shares 6 years of experience in the actions sport industry as GM of his own Snowboard/Skateboard/FMX brands and as representative for several US skateboard companies.

He has now brought all this experience to the Samsonite OutLab projects. The 29 years old native French already shows a great track record within the company. He has managed the entire process of creating a dedicated International Outdoor brand in 2007 with innovative collections that have already received an extremely positive response. Samsonite's CEO, Marcello Bottoli explains: “In this role Fabrice will report directly to me and will be responsible for all operational and strategic activities and decisions in this business line. I am sure he will bring great success to this category.”

Fabrice takes this new challenge with enthusiasm and professionalism: "I am eager to take on the new role as the Global Marketing Director for Samsonite OutLab, which is an innovative brand, a market leader and a creative force providing high-end technical products for the outdoor explorer," said Faurie. "I'm also excited to keep working with an outstanding team that obviously performs at a top level of quality and innovation and to continue to enhance relationships with Fabien Cousteau and Jeremy Jones, our famous ambassadors with whom we work with closely in the development of some of our most technical lines."

The rest of the Samsonite OutLab team consists of a dedicated design and marketing team based in London (UK) and Boston (USA). Assembled from around the world, each has years of design and outdoor travel experience. This has ensured the range understands the needs of today's explorers and delivers unrivalled design and strength. In addition, to great design credentials, the collections have undergone Samsonite's rigorous series of tests to ensure their quality and durability to include tumble, drop, handle, wheel, lock and zipper tests.

Following the successful global launch of its first ever Outdoor summer collection, Samsonite OutLab has once again combined its technical know-how and flair for stylish design by introducing two new special Fall / Winter lines within its offer of outdoor lifestyle travel bags. The brand continues to enlarge its offer and will be presenting its second Spring / Summer collection at the coming Outdoor Trade Shows.

Samsonite OutLab is an active member of the European Outdoor Group and the OIA - USA (Outdoor Industry Association). For more information go to


Further Information

Fabrice Faurie
Global Marketing Director Outdoor
Samsonite OutLab
T: +44 20 8564 4250

Claire de Bezenac
Global Marketing Coordinator Outdoor
Samsonite OutLab
T: + 44 (0)208 564 4244

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Samsonite OutLab combines Samsonite's 98 years of heritage, unrivalled travel expertise and technical know-how with an unbeatable depth of expertise from the outdoor world. Modern outdoor design, contemporary style and unrivalled functionality and technical details ensure a unique signature. Aimed at today's everyday and professional explorer; Samsonite OutLab marries Samsonite's heritage of equipping early explorers and adventurers, applying these values and experience with modern-day travel expertise to deliver an unrivalled choice in travel outdoor performance and lifestyle bags.